Your Highness, the carriage is ready! When you’re a royalty at heart and love history, there is only one best must do on your list. You must travel to make this dream come true because life’s too short and better have to do it than regret not to later on in your life. We are all royal, Queens and kings, prince, princesses in our own kingdoms, imagine that you a guest invited to a kingdom and you will have the privilege to see their glamorous history, culture, and architecture, an ambitious dream, right? But what if I tell you that these dreams are all possible? All you need to do right now is to read in this role-playing inspired article and let’s start, your highness!

Your royal secretary has sorted everything out in order, the country which you have been invited to is France. They have arranged the finest mansions in France for your stay. You can have chosen the type of mansion you would want, there is an option that you can choose a room with own pool or a simple countryside chic if you want to breathe in a fresh air. It would be your choice.

Royal highness travel itineraries in France:

  1. Gardens of Versailles
  2. Experience Royal Fine dining at Le Meurice in Paris
  3. Mont-Saint Michael Bay
  4. Caves of Lascaux
  5. Medieval City of Carcassonne
  6. Ruins of ancient Roman amphitheater in Nimes
  7. Chateau in the Loire Valley or Chateau de Chambord
  8. Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg
  9. La Petite France
  10. Musee de l’OEuvre Notre-Dame

You can bring in your royal luggage empty because all you need is already in France, you might be surprised that this luggage will be full at the end of your trip, but do not forget your important state documents such as your passports, ID and cash.

Once your royal highness has arrived, we can first visit the Gardens of Versailles, and please take note of its French translation, Jardins du Château de Versailles, it is important that you know or speak even basic French in order to interact with the locals effectively.

Visiting the garden would be a great honor for stronger state bond, moreover, I know you’ll be dazzled with their meticulously manicured lawns, theater audience of flowers, fountains, and sculptures decorated in the palace gardens.

Once done with the gardens, we have to get the reservation booked in early before your trip for a royal fine dining experience at Le Meurice Alain Ducasse in Paris. The restaurant is decorated in 18th-century style grandeur and Michelin chefs are ready to serve your chosen meal for the day.

At your next schedule, you’ll have a walk by the bay of  Mont-Saint Michel, although this walk would be tentative depending on the weather conditions like low tide season, it would be best for you to prepare your cardio on this walk because you’ll be astonished to reach the gorgeous benedictine abbey upon reaching your destination.

While you’re at it, we will visit Caves of Lascaux, witnessing the archaeological history of France and it’s origins will help us grasp the artistic beginnings of their ancestors, it is indicated that we will see over 600 cave painted with animals in the ceilings.

Your love for castles continues in your visit to the fortified town in France, the  Medieval City of Carcassonne. This hilltop city is famous for La Cité or medieval citadel, you’ll see numerous watchtowers and you may study how they have made a strong defense by the way they built their double-walled fortifications,

When we get to the City of Nîmes, we would pass through and take a good photograph of you in a famous landmark, an ancient arena which stood as a Roman amphitheatre, Arena of Nimes,  the arena has become an entertainment center during those times as you know, gladiators and such, which has been iconic in movies.

Your highness will visit another castle named Chateau in the Loire Valley or Chateau de Chambord, people have described it as “a cherry on sundae” and a fantasy dream come true when they step foot or even just a sight of the castle from afar sends peoples to get lost in their imaginations of a Royal home, which your highness is already blessed with.

Our last days in France would be setting foot in a Cathedral pictured to have a Romanesque gothic architecture, the name of the cathedral is Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg or Strasbourg Cathedral, you’ll be astonished by their astronomical clock and furnishings in high details.

While there we can visit La Petite France also located in Stratsbourg, they offer private dining rooms in elegance, which would interest you in trying out their authentic french cuisines.  We can say that you’d love the look of this cute city, it might be to your liking to experience a miniature version of France.

Finally your last trip will on Stratsbourg is to check out Musee de l’OEuvre Notre-Dame, the known city’s museum holding Upper Rhenish fine arts from Middle Ages. It is indicated that this museum is famous for having the authentic sculptures, architectural fragments, glass windows and building plans of the Strasbourg Cathedral.

So, there we go, your highness, we have completed your list of Royal travel destinations in France. With all these that we cover today, we’re sure to fill in a majestic adventure for you. We do hope that you like our list and if you ever find them interesting do not forget to share or comment your journey.