Remember, there is no master traveler because there is no standard to follow, it’s all about the experience and what most of the experienced travelers do. If a lot of them are following the pattern, it’s because the pattern is effective.

Face your sorrows

Drinking until the alcohol can’t pass through your neck isn’t the way of sorting your troubles. Most of the people who find a lovely intrigue in travel have a story which causes pain, but is also the reason of their respectable personality. Face your sorrows, think about them, make peace with them, take with them. Sort them out before you realize that your drinking habit is helping you no more, but now you have your sorrows, and the new habit, both of them trying to suffocate you.

The world is the place to be spontaneous

Not everything needs to be planned and properly thought up, some of the most memorable experiences in your life will start with you doing something that was probably stupid or irrational if you had thought about it before diving in.

The low-time is an opportunity

So, you are feeling low, and can’t shake the sinking feeling. Sure, you can go around doing stuff that will take your mind off of things or drink, but before you do that, try finding the problem and a solution to it. Don’t take too much time of course, just a little bit every time you felt low. This habit will build your problem solving skills, give you a multi-perspective thinking capability, and make your thought filter more effective.