Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are right around the corner; which means there will be a lot of people flying in the coming months. When you have a lot of people flying, you are at an increase to catching a viral bug. Stay healthy while flying this holiday season by following a few of the steps below.

For one thing, recognize that the increase in travelers brings more germs and bacteria on your flight. To counter these germs, bring hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes with you so that you can keep your hands clean while on the plane. This small step will help curb the bacteria and mitigate the risk of contracting the flu or cold.

You should also wash your hands frequently while on the flight. This is especially important before you eat, as most in-flight foods are consumed by hand. Taking this step will also help prevent you from catching any of the germs around your seat or transferred by touch.

You can also decrease the health-risks of flying by staying hydrated and avoiding diuretics like alcohol while on the flight. Drinking water is a great way to boost your immune system which can help you fend off dangerous germs and keep your body in its natural state.

As you prepare for your flights this holiday season, take care of your health. The quiz below can help you see some of the important steps needed to maintain your health while flying this holiday season.