There is one thing that every traveler dreads to face one day, and hardly a few ever do, but it is a nightmare for them and they will be grasping for air when it happens: the addiction for the thrill vanishes, or the thrill itself no longer finds its way. If you have been to only a few places, you will think that this fun and adventure can never get old, that you can never say no to a good week of roaming around the world. But during the nights, when you are in a bed that is strange to you, in a city which is strange to you, you must wonder, what if some day you woke up in a beautiful cottage in Hawaii and realized that you don’t want to do it anymore?

A heartbreaker, right? The what is the answer to the question? The truth is, travelling, especially traveling solo, will change your life in massive proportions. You will be more mature, you will think more deeply, some people might not like you anymore, some people may replace you with someone else at home, some random day your family members could lose it and start acting crazy for your safety, but there will be extremely positive changes with a few negative ones too. Damages that are done, time will heal them, but by the end of the day, it will be a little bulb inside you that will answer this question, if that bulb ever went cold, you will be ready to come home for good.