Its Booked!

So a couple of months ago I decided to book on a trip to America, I am going with a company called Trek America who I have been recommended to go with by lots of people. I will be doing the Westerner 2 leaving on the 26th June but will be flying to LA on the 22nd for a few nights. I’m going on my own …I know I am quite nervous but I think it’ll be a great experience and if I don’t do it now I never will! So anyway I’ve decided to start this blog to basically try and keep up to date with whats going on, for myself and other people that may be thinking about going on a trip or just want to know about the process of going on one.

What I do?-

  • Fly to LA stay in a hostel for a few nights then go to the stop over hotel and meet up with my fellow trekkers, then off we go.
  • There can be up to 13/14 on a bus not including the tour guide, they will hopefully be great and know exactly what we are doing and were we are going.
  • We go;

    starting and finishing in LA.

How Much?! –
O.K so at the minute I know there’s a few discounts on the website, when I booked it I got my night before and after free in the hotels so its kinda worked out the same.
Its around Β£1200 not including flights. So your talking around Β£2000 for everything altogether.
I do think its a lot of money but I think having everything in as a package makes it worth it, working out the travelling myself would have been a nightmare!
Obviously you’ve got to have spending money people advise different amounts, I’m trying to save Β£1000 and whatever I get extra so we’ll see how that goes.
I’m affording it by working two jobs whilst being at uni, but it’ll be worth it!
So anyway, as you can maybe tell I’m a wee bit excited and can’t wait to get really organised for it.

If you want to know more about Trek America go to simples!


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