Travel goodies I got for Christmas: Reddit Secret Santa and lots more!

So obviously with Christmas just gone I got a lot of gifts to do with my trek this year. I didn’t really know what to expect because I hadn’t asked for anything specific but I got some great and handy stuff that I will definitely be taking with me. Image

So I got ; A back pack, microfiber towel, alarm clock, first aid stuff, reading light, and some travel toiletries like dry shampoo etc… A book to keep all my info in (which is great) and a travel wallet. I also got a DSLR camera which wasn’t exactly for America but is were I will probably use it properly for the first time.

One of the things that seem really boring but actually is really useful is the Microfiber towel. My mum (like me) reads up on a lot of the websites and blogs that people that have been on treks right there own tips and tricks and these seem to come up a lot. Now they’re quite expensive if you buy them from the actual retailer but mine was bought online for about £14. On Boxing day we went to look for some hiking boots in the sales and we came across the towels in Soccer Sport, they only had a small section but they had a few handy camping bits that were actually not too expensive so I would definitely pop in if you live near one and are looking for these, they do them in lots of sizes and fold up into a handy little bag. They apparently dry out really quick too but I haven’t used mine so can’t vouch for that.


I also got a travel book from my friend just before Christmas which is a great way of keeping all the information in one place. Its by the Rachel Bright side and is genuinely one of the best presents I have ever got. It is perfect for my trek and isn’t written in the standard journal entry way. It has pages for naughts and crosses, droughts and pages to write what food you liked and didn’t like and loads of cute things I wouldn’t of thought of. I think it will be a way of me keeping a diary of what I did without it feeling too much of a pain.

You can get them on Amazon and a few other book sites.


This year I took part in the Reddit Secret Santa, if you don’t know what it is basically you get matched with someone from anywhere across the world for you to receive and send a gift to. (The sender isn’t your receiver) Sorry I explained that terribly, anyway, I received my gift a few days after Christmas. I was aware it would be late because my gifter had let me know. They sent me a travel wallet. Now I’d never heard of these before but TapPrancer (my gifter) said he (I think its a he) had used them a lot before and they were really handy. Its got pockets for your passport, documents and other important stuff you’ll need to carry with you so it is such a great idea! I was really chuffed and it was such a thoughtful gift. So thanks again! Image

Finally I got a camera from the best boyfriend ever! I got a Canon 1100D, I kinda knew I was getting one but didn’t know which one. I’m not a photography whiz in the slightest so this beginners one is great for me. I got a tripod, bag and SD card with it so it was literally ready to go. I’m sure the pictures of the Grand Canyon will be much better with it. I had a great Christmas and was so pleased with all my presents for America now I am even more excited to get some use out of all my stuff!

165 Days to Go! 


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