Trek forums, blogs and other helpful bits and bobs!

I thought today I would put together all of the sources I have used to help me when I have questions or just want to know other peoples opinions on a trek.


Trek America Live has to be the best site to get all of your information in one place. It has everything on it posted by people who have either already been on a trek and are passing their words of wisdom onto others, or people that are going on a trek. It has reviews, pictures and let’s you sign up and create an account so you can be in on the action. The most helpful part for me are the forums, they are separated into different topics were people ask for tips on anything from money to luggage size.

There aren’t many blogs out there that have covered the treksΒ  though I found In the Frow really helpful, especially for us girls. She has a run down of make-up and hair products she took and the amount of clothes she would recommend taking. I would definitely recommend taking a look. Trek America also has its own blog which has some nice stories from on the road which are again worth checking out.

For more general information I have used trip advisor.

I booked my hostel through the advice of a friend but checked out other peoples reviews on here too, although obvious you get genuine unbiased opinions.

Finally, to get yourself really excited, YouTube has some great videos from people uploading them personally and the Trek America channel, being a TV student for me its the best way to really see what goes on ‘on the road.’

There’s loads of sites out there with tips and tricks for travelling and they have really helped me get an idea of what I will need to take and what to expect.


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