Food, Glorious Food!

When I think of America the first thing that I think of is the food. It is renowned for its variety of choices and the sizes of the portions so I thought I would dedicate a post to the amazingness that is food.


Now I’m not travelling the whole of the US so I am aware my choice is somewhat limited but for four days I am sure there will be plenty of options for me to drool over, from smokey BBQ pulled pork to crispy italian pizzas and everything in between.

When I’m travelling around with Trek America most of the time we will be camping so the group has to cook for each other, my only decision then will be what to cook whilst trying not to poison everyone. In my first few days in LA I have free roam of all the bars, restaurants and street vendors across the whole of LA, so after reading (and drooling) over many blogs and my handy pocket guide I have narrowed down what I really want to try.

Starting off with;

  • Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles, ’cause anyone brave enough to put them two ingredients together gets a thumbs up from me.
  • The Pizza Studio, I’ve gotta have at least one pizza whilst I’m here and their mix seems cheap and cheerful.
  • Momed, because the menu looks different, Mediterranean dishes with a twist
  • Huckleberry- the BBQ pork swung it for me
  • Le Pain Du Jour- I’m a sucker for a good croissant
  • A good burger place- narrows it down!

I have been told I have to visit In-N-Out whilst in California so is it really all its cracked up to be?


I’ve seen some fairly good looking burgers (not Ryan Reynolds good looking) and wonder whether the touristy places aren’t going to be as good. It seems that I have planned out my day by day schedule but I really haven’t, I am going to try and do what ‘proper’ travelers do and go with the flow but my belly is leading my mind at the minute and when you hear about the kind of food that’s on offer it’s really hard not too!

For this trip I am definitely going to be getting on the Treadmill, I have 6 months to burn off everything I plan on putting back on in America, but When in Rome! If you have any suggestions please do comment below!

158 Days to go!


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