Its confirmed!

So my Trek on the Trek America website changed from Available to Guaranteed over the weekend.


Which means I am definitely going! YAY! yay-Not going to lie, was worrying a bit because changing the date would have been a massive pain. But that didn’t happen and now I can set dates for my trip to Warner Brothers and whatever else needs pre-booking.

Today I bought a head torch, random but I heard they were handy whilst finding stuff in the tent. I’ve been picking bits and bobs up for the past month or so that I think I might use which is good until I start packing!

Just a short one today, I’ve moved back to uni this weekend so I’ve been busy packing and unpacking. Read my next blog were I’ll be showing some travel hacks including the best way to pack!

153 Days to go!


2 thoughts on “Its confirmed!

  1. Just take an empty bag and buy there it’s cheaper. You will be turning your tee shirts inside out after 2 days wear anyway. I did when I traveled Europe.

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