Camping in the US- what should I expect?

Taking a break from the different stops on my trek I have mentioned in a few posts that I will be camping in a lot of the places we stop at. I have camped before, infact I’d say I was a fairly seasoned camper, as a kid we went to France and camped there and a lot of my summers were spent in a Caravan (not technically camping but whatever.) So I would say I am used to camping.

The last time I slept in a tent was at Leeds Festival and this is were I learnt I was terrible at packing light.

This is pretty much me minus the Chinese lady.

campingEverytime I come back to uni I bring way too much stuff so I should probably start packing months in advance so I can be strict with myself. I’ve gotta fit a lot of stuff in my holdall including almost 3 weeks worth of clothes, a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat and whatever else I actually need.

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and sites about how to pack efficiently and the best way seems to be writing a list and sticking to it. The Trek America Live site has a really good post on things to take including things I would have never of thought of. Its definitely worth a read.

trek americaReally useful list

Β I also wrote in one of previous blogs some travel hacks that had a few packing tips in there so I will have to try and follow my own advice!

I can’t believe some people spend a year orΒ so travelling and only take a backpack, I hope if I ever take the plunge and do travel properly I will be able to be savvy and fit all my necessities into one bag. But there’s plenty of time for that! Any advice on what to pack for the West Coast or how to camp efficiently ? Do let me know!

I must say the thing I am most concerned about is the nature, I don’t know how much Wildlife there is in the places I am visiting but I do not do well with creepy crawly’s!

giraffe lol


Other than that I can’t wait to get stuck in and sit around the campfire with whatever s’mores are and chill out.

136 Days to Go!


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