Stop 5- Sierra Nevadas and excitement levels

After what I’m sure will be a couple of amazing days at the Grand Canyon we head off through Sierra Nevada. So my knowledge of this place is pretty much zero. All I know is the landscape and scenery look amazing, that is all.

Sierra Nevada

To be honest I’m not too sure what we even do over the day or so we have here so this post is me just guessing and dragging out how amazing it will be to see (Much like the others really) I think these two days will focus mainly on Yosemite which I think deserves its own post so I’ll leave that until next time.

Seen as though there isn’t much to say on whats happening when I’m there I’ll go off topic a bit. So now I am back at university I haven’t been keeping up to date with the trek forums and looking into things as much as when I was back at home. I think my excitement now is leveling off, occasionally when someone reminds me what I’m doing I get excited but overall I feel a bit mellow about it all.

piggy bank

I have around £1000 to save up so I’m 2/3 of the way there which I think is pretty good considering I have never been very good at saving. I’m thinking to get back into the mindset that I was in over Christmas I need to start writing lists of things to do and buy that I can gather and tick off along the way. I suppose its a good thing that I have a few distractions because if I am constantly thinking about it the time will go slower.slowdonw

What I have been doing lately is looking at other places to go (I know I haven’t even been on this trip yet) but after watching the documentary A Map For Saturday which follows a guy who quit his job to travel the world for a year it has really made me want to see a lot more places. I also bought a map to put on my bedroom wall to pin off all of the places I visit, there was a scratch map in Urban Outfitters  that I really loved but it was £20 and when your saving to actually go to them places, the map can wait. Another thing I did find the other day was a new blog of a girl that is embarking on her very own trip around the world so if you like these kind of things it will definitely be worth keeping an eye on what she’s up too.  HJCWorldAdventures Blog



I envy people like Hayley who are going out and doing it because I really am getting itchy feet, I think anyone who has the urge to see places can understand that, young or old. Anyone debating whether to do it watch this.

Until next time.

124 days to go! (just!)


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