My Travel Wishlist

My last post was somewhat dreary so I thought this week I’d include something a bit more cheery. Shopping!


Believe it or not I don’t Trek around America very often so I am going to have to buy a few specific items that I don’t have knocking around my room. Shame. Like most other girls in the world we love a bit of shopping, especially when it’s for something special like parties, weddings or in my case going on holiday.

The holidays I’ve been on before have mainly been relaxing holidays were I could sit around the pool in a bikini and not need to worry about what clothes were suitable. I’ve read many lists giving a rough guide to what kind of clothes to take and how many pairs of shorts I’m going to need but the temptation to buy typical holiday outfits is hard to turn down.Because who doesn’t need a beach cover up in the Grand Canyon?

I’ve restricted myself and not bought any clothes just yet but as soon as I have reached my budget I will be hitting the shops and trying to stick to my list. (Easier said than done)

There are things I actually need other than clothes and although they don’t seem that exciting I like looking on Ebay and Amazon for hours deciding what kind of sleeping bag I’m going to get (sad I know).

So here is my wish list (because somethings I don’t really need)

  • Sleeping bag (preferably a pretty coloured one)
  • A camera bag that doesn’t look too much like a camera bag (It’s so stylish and practical!)Image
  • A camera strap (cause its cool) Image
  • A travel pillow
  • A nice journal. Not just a little black book
  • A new purse
  • Some flip-flops. Apparently its a given that you wear flip-flops to shower in at hostels because of feet fungus…blehh I hate feet so no thanks!Image
  • A decent read! Any suggestions?
  • Travel make-up…this may seem very shallow but just because I’m going to be ‘roughing it’ I don’t see why I should look like I’ve just been dragged through a hedge backwards. (Not a good look) I’m talking mascara, concealer, blusher. The essentials. hair hedge
  • Finally something homey, I’m only gone for a few weeks and I’m sure I’ll be that busy that I wont have time to get home sick but I’m gonna take a couple of pictures in my Travel Wallet just in case I get lonely in my hostel! Thank god for Skype!

I’m sure there are plenty of other things that I will most definitely need (including a passport) but this is the list I’m working on for now. I’ve been a bit stressed out lately so the thought of filling my travelling needs is a much appreciated way of looking forward to something. I cant wait to start put together all my trek stuff and hopefully my wish list will be ticked off by June!

117 Days to Go!


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