A Weekend Away, I should be so lucky!

I work weekends so a weekend away for me is honestly a real novelty, as I am saving up at the minute for my holiday it makes it even more of a novelty (can I get an Ahhh) but if I were to plan going somewhere I would include only the necessities to try and get used to packing light for my travels in June. I’m still awful at this and I recently went to see my boyfriend for two days and took 2 handbags and bought a backpack whilst I was there! Woops! I just can’t say no to a new bag.

ImageSo in my new backpack I would include, clothes, ’cause its really not appropriate to go around anywhere in your birthday suit (except maybe in these naturist resorts), and toiletries. Although I’ve said I’m not good at packing light that is literally all I would take. My problem is I take too many clothes and too much make-up, I think of every possible scenario and pack for it without thinking; is there really going to be a snow storm in Sheffield over the next 2 days? Well I’d be prepared if there was!

olaf the snowman

I’d also take something to kill the time because there is nothing worse than being sat staring at a wall, whether it’s headphones or a book, that hour train/bus/car journey will go much quicker with something to keep you occupied. Its also worth people watching, you see some hilarious, sad and just interesting things when you people watch and as long as you don’t get caught staring (which is a bit creepy) it can help in passing the time to wherever your destination may be.Β 

So I guess finally I would pack my sense of humour and a calm head. Its easy to get wrapped up in a planned itinerary when you head off for a weekend away but the best ones are always the ones where you follow your nose without knowing where you will end up.


109 Days to Go!


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