Budgeting for Trek

So as I come to the end of the target for my trip in June I think its safe to say I’ve surprised myself at how easy it was to save up and how it has really made me realise that if you put your mind to it you can save without living a miserable life.


When I first booked I was worried that I was going to have to cut back on a lot of what I like to call my ‘luxuries’ but when I realised the luxuries were things I wanted to cut back on anyway it really did make it a lot easier. So loads of chocolate, bad foods, drinking out and eating out kind of dwindled down and I changed my lifestyle I guess you could say (in the least dramatic way possible). I’m not saying I’m now some health nut I’ve just substituted different things. But I’ll have you know, working in a supermarket does not make it easy! Temptation EVERYWHERE!

when i shop

So how did I save up?

Firstly, I lived off of my student loan so every penny (pretty much) from my jobs I put into a separate savings account. I’m lucky enough to be able to afford to do this and I know that I would of really struggled if it weren’t for my loan. I don’t do loads of hours a week and my part time and casual jobs usually equal to around £400 a month. Give or take.

Taking into account Christmas and the occasional gig (naughty) I fell off the wagon for a while and in hindsight I would have probably of reached my target by now if I had more self discipline. But I don’t, I know for next time though and when it’s more of a case of save as much as you can I know I’ll do it.

I started saving properly in September, I booked my trek in October and used some of my savings to pay for the deposit. I think saving is more of a habit than anything, I don’t even think oh wait I’ll just go and use it for this instead I literally transfer it as soon as I get it on payday. That would be my best advice, if you don’t think about it its pretty much like it was never there.

The other think that made me plow through and not give in to the boxing day sales was the end game. At the end of the day this trip will be a once in a lifetime thing and for me its my summer holiday, it wasn’t even an option that I wasn’t going to save because as soon as you get into that mentality you wont.

After 6 months (ish) I have saved just short of £3000. I don’t think I have EVER had that much money but the achievment feels great and now I cant wait to put it to some good use.


I moan about work a lot but when I’m flying over the Grand Canyon or taking a selfie with the Hollywood sign I know I wont even think about work because without it I wouldn’t be able to do this trek. I’ve always been brought up under the mentality that if you want something you earn it. I have never been a good saver, I’m very impulsive especially when it comes to shopping, but seeing my money creep up and up has been the most rewarding thing for me. So anyone who finds it hard to save and say no to that pair of boots you can’t live without, think of the end result and think about what that 40 quid will go towards when you reach your final destination.

Happy saving !

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91 Days to go!



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