No longer legal!

One thing that has been kind of bothering/worrying me about going to America is that here in the UK we only have to be 18 to pretty much do everything. So for the past 2 years (and a bit longer) I haven’t been restricted when it comes to bars, clubs and whatever else I need to be an ‘adult’ to get in too.


I’m not saying I’m going to America to get drunk every night and I don’t think its going to be a big deal really I’m just worried I’ll stop other people doing things. I did ring Trek the other day though and found out the other person on my trek is 19 so I’m not going to be the only child there. superbad

Its going to be so weird having restrictions again when now I get offended if I don’t get ID’d, I’m like do I look old?! Please ID me! I’m not a 100% sure on the protocol on the states but I am aware that in Las Vegas you can drink in the streets and even if your not 21 you can walk around some casinos, I’m not sure how true this is so if anyone knows feel free to comment!

I was debating whether to wait until I was 21 to go to America but the more I think about it the less it bothers me and this question has been raised a lot on the forums on the Trek America site. There’s been a mixed response with some people saying wait and some people saying it really doesn’t matter, what I keep telling myself is that everyone who travels is like minded, they want to explore and see places… hopefully sober. Rottenecards_78148026_yxdb9v73r6


87 Days to Go!


2 thoughts on “No longer legal!

  1. Oh, you’re coming to travel America! How exciting! In Las Vegas you can go in the casinos if you are under 21, but you can not actually be on the game floor or next to any gambling. But if you’re making the trip, they have plenty of shows you can go see, and if your hotel has one, a pool to go to. NYNY has a great restaurant called Nine Fine Irishmen and a rollercoaster you can ride. As far as not being 21 here, you can still have fun! Some places (like Las Vegas and New Orleans) it will affect your trip, but there is plenty to do without having to get a drink!

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