Miss Independent- Travelling solo

independent-woman-copy1What I’ve found I get a lot of when I tell people what I’m doing over summer is ‘Your going on your own?’ Now sometimes I get ‘that’s brave’ or just a simple ‘why?’

Well the reason why is, simply, that I don’t want to go with anyone else. Yes I have friends and people I’m close too and as much as I love going on holiday with my family, I have always been fairly independent. I like my freedom. And that is that. People always say you find yourself when you go travelling or whatever cheesy quote there isΒ and I always wonder; how are you supposed to do that if you cant be selfish for a short amount of time?

I don’t like being selfish and I think any self respecting person would agree, but when your young and have the means to do so I think its OK to want to treat yourself in a big way and do things that, when you’ve got a stable career, will be off the cards. Unless I get some super amazing job that allows me to fill my travelling needs I think its safe to say I am better off getting it out of the way, the big trips at least.

Its a very common thing to want to see the world and although a lot of people do it (I’ve watched and read enough things to know its not unusual) when your contemplating going alone you feel 1. nervous as hell and 2. so excited! Now luckily for me I know I’m going to be meeting up with people but this doesn’t stop me fretting about the first 4 days in LA where I am going to be me, myself and I. But, like when I came to uni and everyone kept reassuring me that everyone’s in the same boat, I’ve just gotta be brave enough to say hello! I am definitely going to keep reminding myself this when I’m on that long flight sat on my own watching Frozen wishing someone was there to sing along with me, hopefully my neigbour will be up for it! I’ll have to ask. What do you find the best way to solo travel is? Best non cheesy ice-breakers? Let me know!

frozen singalong
Sing along anyone? πŸ˜€


83 Days to go!





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