Stop saying no and go!

A response I often get when people find out about my trip this year is ‘oo I wish I could do that.’ And after sort of awkwardly replying ‘well yeah, I can’t wait’ I’m going to start saying ‘well why don’t you?!’ Every excuse I can imagine people will give me I believe I have a very good comeback. (I’m good with comeback’s.)

  1.  I can’t afford it.- GET A JOB! If you have a job- then nice one, save up. You will never go anywhere if you don’t save up, money (unfortunately) doesn’t grow on tree’s and as with anything in life you have to pay for the luxuries. Traveling is a luxury but if you want to go somewhere then set yourself a budget and stick to it. You can see how I saved up as a student here.
  2. I haven’t got anyone to go with me- Are you sure? If the answer is still yes then go alone. For some people I know this sounds crazy to go away on your own but it’s really not that big of a deal, so many backpackers go at it alone and a lot of them are girls. I don’t know why it’s still ‘different’ if your a woman… the way I see it is; keep your wits about you, don’t wander into dark alleys alone and don’t think every man is out to get you. Sometimes you have just gotta chill, and there really isn’t anything wrong with that.
  3. I can’t leave my; mum, dad, boyfriend, friend, dog, hamster blah blah- they are going to be there when you come back. I occasionally feel guilty about going away and then I think why? I ruled out all of the options of people coming with me and why should that have stopped me booking the trip of a lifetime? Everyone is allowed to be selfish at some point in their life, whether it be for a day, a month or a year, me time is good. me
  4. I don’t know where to go- I guess this is more a personal thing and everyone has places they want to see. Need Inspiration?…Watch this.  

My advice is to bite the bullet and set yourself a goal; to book that trip in a month, to save £2000 in a year or to just choose a destination. Once you’ve done that the rest is easy. I genuinely feel like having something to work towards has given me a prep in my step, I have something to look forward to and although counting down the days may drag it out for some people, for me seeing the days tick away is the best thing when I’m doing a 10 hour shift at work and need a reason not to tell every customer to shove it up their backside!



68 Days to Go!


3 thoughts on “Stop saying no and go!

  1. My other favourite it ‘ you are so lucky to be able to do,this, I wish I could’ no luck about it, it is about planning and seizing the opportunity.

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