First trip alone, why am I so nervous?!

As my trip draws closer I seem to be getting more and more nervous about traveling alone. I don’t know whether this is normal or I’m just being a wimp but the thought of being left alone in a strange country is starting to really fill me with nerves. I’m not an anxious person in the slightest and I guess it is normal to have reservations about this kind of thing and I’m sure as it comes closer to the time the nerves will be overshadowed with excitement. Otherwise I’m just going to end up in LAX looking dazed and not really knowing were to go!

Film Title: The Terminal.

I have a few ways I’m going to try and deal with this; one of them being confidence. I’m from a fairly small town but when I visit London and when I moved to Manchester I was pretty good at thinking on my feet and finding my bearings. I’m hoping this will be the case in America and luckily they all speak English (with funny accents.) So if in doubt I’ll have to ask! I think my generation is so used to talking over a screen people find it a bit daunting actually talking to people face to face but if you don’t ask you don’t get and the worst somebody can say is no. (I’m starting to sound like my mum so moving on!)

Be prepared. I have my Lonely Planets guide which will take pride of place in my backpack so  if I ever feel stranded I can resort to that, I’m going to try and chill out as much as I can but that’s easier said than done, bringing me too…

…Don’t Panic! I’m going to keep telling myself everything’s fine and as soon as I get to my hostel I know all of my worries will be gone, I’m not going to the Antarctic were there is no WiFi or shops for miles and miles so there really isn’t anything to be stressing about.keepcalm

Finally realise that your being stupid and you should be taking it all in your stride, I will definitely be having a quiet word with myself if I get all the way there and stress out about the stupidest of things. I know I will have packed everything (I will of triple checked) and I know the route I need to take so it’ll all be in my head and once that wave of hot air hits me when I get off the plane I know all my inhibitions will be left were they should be… back in the UK.




I’ll read this after my trip and think ‘what was your problem?!’  but I’m sure I’m not the only person who has ever felt like this so share and share alike.

53 Days to Go!


6 thoughts on “First trip alone, why am I so nervous?!

  1. hey – i can totally relate. i’m about to travel for 6+ months through asia and europe on my own. i’ve travelled a bit before but always with companions. fingers crossed for both of us!

  2. You will have the time of your life! Believe me! Just let yourself go and be excited about all the good things and the awesome people who are going to come your way!

  3. It’s fairly normal to be intimidated by the first big trip alone. As you’ve said, you’re good at thinking on your feet so you most likely will handle any situation just fine. Interacting with people is good and causes us to remember that there are real live human beings out there, not some avatar.

  4. How exciting! It is pretty scary to travel alone until you realise that the majority of people are doing it too. Everywhere I’ve ever travelled I’d say that 70% of people began their trip alone.
    Travelling alone is actually a good thing because it’s so much easier to make friends. I often travel with my boyfriend and we find that girls don’t want to approach us and neither do boys so it can be difficult to find a group of mates. But when you’re alone, everyone will approach you!
    Have an amazing time in America!

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