The up’s and down’s of planning a trip

As stupid as that title sounds I do think, for me, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster in terms of organisation and getting things ready for my trip next month.


The day I booked my trip I was feeling over the moon, I was excited and kind of overwhelmed that I had actually done what I always tell other people to do and had just booked it. I started wondering where I wanted to go what I wanted to see and knowing that I had 8 months to prepare I felt content that everything was gonna be fine.

The more people started asking me about my trip the more it sunk in that I will be flying to the other side of the world on my own, having to fully rely on myself for everything, cue panicky Leasha every now and then.

Over Christmas I had a lot of extra time to think about exactly what I wanted to do and had a better idea about money and all the other logistics of planning a trip. A lot of my Christmas presents were to help towards my trip and this has saved me a lot of money on the gadget side of things. I did a post on what I got for Christmas here. I think more than anything if your not prepared for the expense this can be the biggest stress in the run up to it but for me this hasn’t really been an issue because I would never have booked it if I wasn’t 99% sure that I couldn’t afford it.


As time has crept up on me and it’s now a month today until my trip a few things that are out of my control have gone wrong. If you’ve read my posts before you’ll know that I’m going with Trek America on the Westerner 2. It’s an organised trek with a group of up to 13 people, one of the main reasons I picked Trek America was because I liked the idea of not doing it completely alone and with it being my first solo trip I thought it was a good idea to have part of it arranged. My trek has been guaranteed for a while now and although they aren’t allowed to give details you can ask how many people are booked on, I’ve rang numerous times and most recently last week when I was informed that there was only one other person booked onto my trek. As I’m sure you can imagine with only a month to go I am a bit worried about this, the main thing being that it’s going to be me and a complete stranger for 2 weeks 24/7, I’m pretty good at chatting to people but there are many factors that could cloud the trip which I’m sure I don’t need to point out.

I know I should just wait and see but although I am still very excited it is something  that is making me a little anxious about the whole thing. What I have taken from this is that there’s pretty much nothing I can do about it so I’m going to just get on with it and wait until I’m there to make up my mind about the situation.

It’s all part of doing this kind of thing and until I’ve experienced it I’m never going to know how I’ll deal with these kinds of situations. This post has been a bit of a moaner but I am still really looking forward to going, I can’t believe how quickly it has came round and the thought that a month today I will be up in the air fills me with so much excitement I think I might burst. excited

How do you deal with things going wrong at the last minute? Let me know!

30 Days to Go!



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