Packing Test (I passed!)

I have been fairly concerned that because I need to take quite a lot of stuff with me that my bag would weigh a tonne. Sooo I decided to do a test run and pack all of my stuff in my bag just in case I needed to massively downsize my stuff.

I’ve been shopping for a couple of months now sticking (fairly well) to a list I had devised a while ago. After reading a lot of blogs (mainly about backpackers) carrying the bare minimum I really did try and condense down what I thought I needed. I must point out that although it is a roadtrip we have a trailer to put our bigger items of luggage in so I’m not restricted to carrying everything around on my back. (thank god) I think it’s good practice for me so when I do take the plunge and go on a ‘proper’ travelers backpacking holiday I’ll be kind of prepared.

So the main thing is obviously clothes. I’m there for 19 days and ideally I don’t really want to wash loads of clothes whilst I’m there, (I hate washing!) I have packed almost enough t-shirts to last me through and 4 pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of leggings. It started off with 2 pairs of shorts then 3 and then four (I’m not good at saying no to pretty things). Anyway other obvious items such as underwear and shoes were added and my living room floor was soon covered in all the travelly stuff I had bought.



My holdall is 80L and I had been umming and aahing about what would be the best luggage to take, after scouring the internet I decided to buy a holdall. As its mainly going to be in the back of a trailer I wasn’t intending on paying a lot of money for it and ended up finding this one on Argos’ Warehouse on Ebay it was only £14.99 and I got another case that can be used for hand luggage! Bargain!

I wouldn’t advise a cheapy one like this if you had to drag it a lot of places as I don’t know how well it will hold up after loads of use, but for me it was ideal.

I have also tried to take as few toiletries as possible, I plan on doing a blog post on my beauty travel essentials before I go but I am still testing out products I have bought for my trip. I have taken many peoples advise and worn everything I plan on taking with me, I would say this is probably the best advice I have read as if your not comfortable wearing it in your natural environment why would you be anywhere else?

Most of my clothes are baggy and airy as I know its going to be humid out there, and I’ve also invested in a few items that I can use to layer up whilst traveling as the climates can vary quite a lot from daytime to morning. I’ve found it easier than I thought to prioritize my packing and have been practical yet managed to buy fashionable items that I know I feel comfortable in, comfort over anything else in the 35 degree heat. Sticky and sweaty = not an attrictive look.


I was going to do a look book of all my clothes but I gotta lot so you’ll just have to follow my Instagram account to see what I’m wearing whilst on my travels (if your interested!)

My total weigh in came just under 14kg and I was amazed. Baring in mind that I’m allowed 23kg on my flight and it has my camping gear in it. I triple checked cause I was just like…

are you sure…but anyway I’m not complaining! It means I can buy lots of stuff while I’m out there!

In other news I bought the domain name this week so it’s officially mine! (muhahaha) I really want to start taking the blog seriously so if anyone has any tips on making it better let me know!

17 Days to Go!



5 thoughts on “Packing Test (I passed!)

  1. Great post! Not long now! I did a very similar post on my blog yesterday from a guys perspective! Can’t wait – 2 weeks until I fly! Enjoy your trip, westerner 2 looks amazing!

  2. Great post! Not long now! I did a very similar post on my blog yesterday from a guys perspective! Can’t wait – 2 weeks until I fly! Enjoy your trip, westerner 2 looks amazing!

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