So much to do, so little time

That title may be a tad dramatic but when I looked at my countdown today and it said 12 days and 20 hours until My Trip This Year a bolt of panic washed through me. I’ve been having crazy dreams lately that I get to the airport and I’ve forgotten everything important…including my bag. When I’ve been to festivals before I’ve dreamt that I forgot the tent so this isn’t new to me but when I wake up it feels so real that I have to check where I am! (So silly)


I’m not an anxious person but whenever it comes down to me planning and checking off things I second guess myself so in a way it’s a good thing that I’m doing my last minute preparations 2 weeks before I leave. It doesn’t help that I’m a bit of a busy bee at the minute with work taking up a fair whack of my spare time. I thought that I would be chilling in the run up to my trip but a lot of jobs have been offered to me and I’d be stupid to not do them just for an easy life.

As I figured out pretty quickly, planning has to fit around your schedule not take over it. I am busy but instead of using my down time at night watching TV I sit with my laptop looking at things I know I need to figure out so it’s constantly on my mind. Having my blog has helped me as it’s sort of Β been my brain splurged into writing it so if I do forget something I just have to go back a few months and read what i was thinking (it’s very therapeutic, and helpful.)

Now it’s more a case of me getting my head around what I’m doing rather than physically getting things and buying different bits and bobs. I have everything I need (I think) so that’s one thing to tick off my list, I just have to print out all the info, make sure all the boring stuff (paperwork) is in order and hopefully that is it. I know that no matter how much planning I do that the night before I wont be able to sleep and I’ll probably have a horrible dream were I’ve forgotten my passport.

In hindsight I really don’t have that much to do and I’m feeling fairly stress free after writing all of that. All is good in the world of My Trip This Year!

12 Days to Go!


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