My inflight entertainment

On a long haul flight alone I think it’s safe to say I’ll get pretty bored pretty quickly. With technology having unreliable battery life I’m going to have to consider other ways to occupy the 13 hours sat in the same place alone with my thoughts.


Now luckily I’m not a bad flyer, I don’t get travel sick and turbulence really doesn’t bother me, for me it’s all part and parcel of the ‘flying experience.’

I’ve been prepping for the flight for a while now and I chose my seat a couple of weeks ago, I was somewhat indecisive when it came to choosing between the aisle and window seat but I went for the window because then I guess I’ll be the one disturbing others rather than them disturbing me (selfish I know!) It was also a seat that Seat Guru said was an alright one so I was happy with my choice. (If you don’t know what seat guru is it tells you the best seats to choose on that specific aircraft) I’m also trying to pre-judge jet lag and I’ve read many ways to prevent it, the main way seems to be to not fall asleep at unnatural times of the day(in the time zone your in) so I’m going to try and not have too much sleep on the plane as I’ll be flying back in time…(who said time travel wasn’t real?!)


So joining me on the plane I’ll have the latest copy of Glamour magazine (which is patiently waiting in my backpack), my kindle and my tablet. Now as I mentioned the battery life isn’t that great on my tablet so my plan is to get stuck into a really good book… I love a good chick flick so I’ve downloaded a couple from the kindle store. I am a super speedy reader so I could probably get through an average size book in a few hours. I might do a short review on them when I’m back…we shall see.

I’m flying with Virgin Atlantic and I’ve looked into what they have as part of their entertainment for this month. There’s some great choices including game of thrones (which I’ve been saying I’ll watch this summer) and frozen! This excites me because I looove that film as I mentioned in an old post, I said that more of a joke so the fact that it’s being shown makes me a bit giddy. My aim is to get all the plane singing along! (And probably look like a prat)

If all else fails I’ll either bug the person next to me and talk to them for the entire trip or plug in my headphones and have a long daydream.


What do you do on a long haul flight to kill the time? Let me know in the comments!

11 Days to go!


2 thoughts on “My inflight entertainment

  1. I am totally one for reading a really bad rom-com that I would never normally have the patience for – but on a plane i will keep the light on reading the whole way… or until i fall asleep!

  2. I didn’t know about Seat Guru! We have a long-haul flight tomorrow night (Australia to London) and have gone with an aisle seat…remains to be seen how it will work out! I’ve downloaded 3 new books on Kindle and plan to hit the in-flight movies hard!

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