Jam packed LA day

WiFi’s been hard to come by and I’ve been on the go pretty much none stop and getting to know my new trek mates so this post is a few days late. (sorry!) Whilst in LA I went on the VIP Warner Brothers tour. I was super excited about it as being a TV and film nerd it was really interesting for me to see how American studios are run. It was an amazing tour and Berlyn (our tour guide) was so informative and helped cater the tour to what shows we all liked. I would definitely recommend it and I’ll write a more in depth review when I get home. image We went on an early tour so were ready for some lunch when we finished and I had intended on visiting Bobs Big Boys whilst in LA and it just so happens that one of the oldest big boys is in Burbank. So me and Kim walked (and yes we did get a wee bit lost) and sat down for some lunch. My brother has an old money box from here so I thought I’d go on behalf of my mum and dad (such a nice daughter.) I had a pulled pork roll with fries and salad and an ice tea…it was so nice (like every other meal I’ve had here) and so cheap, the portions are obviously huge as well so I definitely got my moneys worth. image We made our way back to LA and decided to go on a Hollywood star tour which, to be honest, wasn’t all that great. It was good to see the areas in LA like Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive but as expected there wasn’t much to see in regards to houses. Obviously celebrities are harassed 24\7 so they have 20 ft fences surrounding there properties which is understandable. I did get a good look at the Hollywood sign and a view over the city which was nice. image We managed to squeeze in some amazing smoothies from Lucas on Sunset Boulevard, a Hollywood premiere and had sushi for dinner. I really did eat like a queen in LA there were so many restaurants to choose from I wish I had a few more days just to try some other food. I was so worn out after being busy all day that I was happy to get into bed at the hostel and go to sleep. One thing I did realise (a bit late) was that LA is ridiculously spread out, walking sometimes isn’t an option and public transport isn’t all that good so if I go back I would definitely look into hiring a car. It is a weird and wonderful place and my next stop was Venice and Santa Monica which made Hollywood look normal. image Just an idea of what I saw…


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