Beaches, Ihop and Insults- LA Day 3

My final full day in LA started off with banana and nutella pancakes provided by the hostel. It was the perfect way to set me up for another long day exploring yet another part of Los Angeles. Kim and I had put ourselves on the waiting list for the free shuttle USA Hostels had put on to get to Santa Monica and Venice Beach but wasn’t sure if we’d get on it as there were a lot of people before us on the list. Luckily we took the last two spaces and were on our way in no time.

After deciding to go to Venice Beach first we got dropped off right near Muscle Beach and sat and had an ice tea whilst people watching at one of the strangest places I have ever seen.
venice beach
A few people had said to me that Venice Beach was a crazy place that seemed to attract weird and wonderful people but I don’t think I was quite expecting this level of weird. As soon as we took a seat next to the basketball courts I saw guys randomly dancing, rapping and just doing random things that would have gotten them a few strange looks if seen in the UK. I soon learnt that people aren’t afraid to do whatever they want whether it be in public or not, if they want to sing and dance in the streets they will. Good on ’em I guess.

We then had a short walk down the beach watching the surfers and families enjoying the smoggy morning (which didn’t last long.)
We both decided that we wanted to venture up to Santa Monica pier so had a quick browse of the different shops on the boardwalk. It surprised me how many homeless people there were in the short distance from Muscle Beach to the walkway to Santa Monica. There are apparently 52,000 homeless people in LA and a massive 1500 are on that short boardwalk, they are relatively harmless but it didn’t sit right with me that I was there being a ‘wealthy’ tourist with these people sat on the curb with their belongings in a suitcase. It didn’t take me long to lose my compassion as a lady who was sunbathing decided to insult me because I wouldn’t give her a dollar. Charming!

It was soon forgotten and we enjoyed our short walk up to the pier to see the rides and food that was on offer. We had a quick bite for lunch (which wasn’t all that great but it filled a hole) and decided to have a relaxing afternoon on the beach sunbathing.
Santa Monica
It felt very strange sitting down for longer than 10 minutes because I’d been so on the go for the last 48 hours but after I relaxed it was so nice to enjoy the surroundings and some peace and quiet whilst catching up on all the gossip in Glamour magazine. We rounded off our beach trip with a yummy ice cream from the pier and made our way back to the bus which would take us back to Hollywood.

It was a seriously long bus ride (LA traffic is no joke) but we finally got back and freshened up before deciding to eat at I-Hop. Although I’d been to America before it must have slipped my mind that it was a breakfast restaurant as when we were seated I was surprised to be offered mainly omelette and pancakes. (Bearing in mind I’m not a fan of eggs) I chose to get chicken and waffles as I’d heard its somewhat a specialty in the states and it’s safe to say I was disappointed. I don’t really know what I was expecting but what I got was dry and lacking flavour, Kim’s omelette looked gorgeous though so I’m not completely slagging off I-Hop I just should have gone with 3 portions of Hash, I love that stuff! We were both stuffed by the end of it and had so much food left, we boxed it up and gave it to a homeless guy though so it didn’t go completely to waste!
ihop food

For a fairly relaxing day I was pretty worn out so we took a steady walk up the walk of fame for the last time (kinda) for the trip and stopped off at Sephora to buy a few bits. Make-up in the US is so cheap compared to here so I knew it wouldn’t be my only time popping in to Sephora. We soon ended up back at the Hostel and I was glad to snuggle up in my bed and doze off.


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