Big Blog Exchange!

I’ve decided to enter a competition that allows Bloggers from all over the world to swap lives with each other. Its such a good idea and a great opportunity for Bloggers to see ‘how the other half live.’ Now I’m sure the chances of me getting loads of votes is unlikely but I thought it was still worth a try. So if you’ve got a spare two minutes and still need to do your good deed of the day please vote for me (pretty please with a cherry on top!)

Puss_in_Boots_2Who can say no to that face?!

For someone that wants to see well, everywhere I thought it would be a fun thing to do and give some lucky bugger the chance to see my luxury uni lifestyle. I say with not a hint of sarcasm…

Or if your a blogger and fancy entering yourself do it! You’ve got nothing to lose and perhaps a fab holiday to gain. There are also two wildcard entrees that get picked from some judges so if, like me, you haven’t got a plethora of friends there is still a chance!


Click on this flashy little banner or THIS LINK!Β To go to my page and vote. Again thanks a lot and good luck to everyone else who has signed up!



3 thoughts on “Big Blog Exchange!

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