9 differences between a baseball and football game- from someone who doesn’t like either

On my recent trip to San Diego I was lucky enough to experience the grand American sporting event that is the baseball game. I was looking forward to being apart of some real American culture, if you want to see people’s true colours take them to a sporting event right? Competition brings out the best (and worst) in people so here are my 9 differences between the two iconic sports that are baseball and football.

Baseball VS Football

1. The Stadiums- I thought football were pretty well equipped, we have food and drinks stalls a plenty but Baseball stadiums have everythingย from indian food to pop corn, you could have a three course meal from some of them stands if you wanted to!

2. The Sportsmanship- I’m not trying to put the UKย in a bad lightย (let’s be honest, it’s already been done) but I was so surprised at how all of the fans were so nice to each other. At football games in the UK people take their shirts off or cover up when they leave the ground because of the trouble that surrounds football. It’s disgusting really but it was so nice to see healthy competition between two clubs without it ending up in a huge brawl. Well done America!

Football Flare

3. Fan Cam. They use this every 2 minutes during a baseball game, seriously how many times can you zoom into a kid screaming and waving their arms around. It’s funny at first but then you can tell the camera guy is picking out the hottest/weirdest people in the stadium and it get’s dull. Sorry morbid Brit over here.


4. It looks so empty! The Baseball pitch was pretty big but with all the action happening in one corner of the field I felt sorry for the guys stood there not seeing any of the action. At least the football moves around most of the pitch…

5. The Build-up. When I worked at the Etihad Stadium fans were there hours before the game started. There would be live music and it really felt like you were going to an event, the baseball game didn’t really have a build up but the fun really started when you got sat down…

6. Breaks/Intermissions- Wow Baseball has a lot of them! You’d just get into a pitch and then there’d be some music and the fan cam for a couple of minutes whilst the teams would swap positions. It’s quite a slow sport which I guess allows people to go and get another beer…

7. Drinking- Not really a difference because there is so much drinking at each, in football games I’ve had people hanging about the bar 10 minutes before half time waiting for the stands to open, in baseball it was a never ending stream of bud, both as bad as each other!

drinking hat

8. It’s all plain sailing… in baseball people come and go as they please it’s not really monitored there aren’t stewards at every stand and it genuinely feels like a family event. Football however is crawling with police and people checking the crowd, there’s definitely a reason us English have a ‘football hooligan’ sign hanging above our heads.

9. The price! You don’t need to take out a second mortgage to go to a baseball game. Football tickets are so expensive and if you do go to a game you then pay a ridiculous price for a drink! We paid around $15 for a ticket to the baseball game and the things you could buy inside weren’t totally out of reach…happy days.

So that’s it! I am in no way an expert on any of these games but for an outsider looking in on two sports that I don’t really have any interest in it was so cool to compare how American sporting culture differs to ours. I must say even though baseball has stupidly long breaks and daft music I would much rather head back to a baseball game than a football match if given the choice!

Have you been to both ? What do you think are the major differences of the two?



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