The Vegas Experience- Day 1

After seeing one of the most peaceful places on earth it was refreshing to pull up to the hectic strip of Las Vegas.

We entered Nevada with a quick stop at the Hoover Dam to see the huge feature that supplies Vegas with it’s water. I wasn’t that bothered but I guess it’s a cool place to see and it really was pretty big.

nevada and hoover dam

After being back on the road for what felt like no time at all I saw the skyline of huge hotels in the distance. It’s a very strange view from desert to outlandish buildings. We approached the party capital with Kanye West blaring out the speakers. Betty had never felt so cool…ย Las Vegas Street Sign

We passed the iconic Vegas sign and the streams of people wandering in and out of the casinos trying to catch a glimpse of all of the different hotels. I knew I would get another chance to see them so I was happy to cruise down thinking how bizarre it was. We arrived at our hotel for the night (REAL BEDS!) which was the Golden Nugget on Fremont Street. It’s the old school part of Vegas that I guess is the cheaper alternative to staying on the strip.

The hotel was rather nice and it felt amazing to have a proper shower and sit on an actual bed. (Oh how you appreciateย the normal things in life after camping for a few days.) We got there quite early so we could take our time getting ready for the night ahead, me and Maria sat back and watched some Special Victims Unit enjoying the air con in the room, really living the Vegas lifestyle…

We got ourselves glammed up for the night (I say glammed up I just put some make-up on) and headed downstairs to meet the rest of the group for dinner. We had all decided on a Thai restaurant simply called Le Thai that was a short walk from the hotel and sat down for our evening meal. I had some yummy noodles that did the job of filling me up before a fairly heavy night of drinking…

Fremont Street

We had booked a party bus that was going to take us around the strip and to the Vegas sign and Bellagio whilst dancing away in the back. It was a bit more pimped out than Betty, with ice buckets and a screen in the back that played music videos. By this point I was already rather tipsy and was happy to enjoy the ride from our awesome driver (Bo I think his name was?!) Like I said…slightly tipsy.

VEGAS sign girls

We hopped out at the Vegas sign got some pretty cool pictures and hopped back in to hop back out at the Bellagio were we watched a couple of the fountain shows one to Viva Las Vegas and another to a song I don’t remember! It really was pretty incredible, they shoot so high and dance perfectly in time to the music. A must see in Vegas at night.

outside bellagio

We then all went our separate ways because everyone wanted to do different things. Me and Peter wandered around a few of the hotels trying to understand what made Vegas so great. Don’t get me wrongย I did have a great time but once you’ve seen one of the massive casino’s you’ve seen them all. I also took an outrageous amount of selfies…

Vegas selfie Collage We got back to the hotel not too late and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was gone, whether it was the comfy bed or my fuzzy head who knows?!

It was a hectic day only for us all to start over again in the morning! I’m going to break this post up because we did so much it would be too long! So stay tuned for day 2 of The Vegas Experience…


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