The Vegas Experience – Day 2

After the first day of Vegas somewhat took it out of me I was happy to have a quiet morning enjoying the luxuries the hotel had to offer. (A shower)

We walked to another hotel for breakfast at Hash A-go-go where I pigged out on some french bread covered in maple syrup and banana. It was yummy but so big! I only managed to eat one slice, I swear american dishes are made for a family rather than one person.french toast

The Golden Nugget was located in the thick of Fremont Street so we had a wander and took in the sights of old school Vegas. It is rather underwhelming in the day time, I guess the appeal of Vegas is the lights and craziness that only come out at night, in the day it really was just full of old men gambling and tacky souvenir shops, I even saw a couple that had just got marries on one of the bandits, I mean come on!IMG_4895 We then headed back to the hotel and decided we would go for a dip in the pool.

Now this pool was pretty cool, it had a water slide that goes through a shark tank.

golden nugget swimmingI was still feeling pretty fragile from the night before but wasn’t going to let that stop me, I expected it to be nice and calm so I could take a good look at the sharks as I slid through the tank… Oh how naive I was, I should have taken note when some women in front of me let out a squeaky scream as she pulled herself into the slide but I thought she was being a wimp and pulled myself as hard as I could into the tunnel. I laid down and was out before I could even see the water never mind any sharks… Take 2, I didn’t give it as much welly this time and managed to get a quick glimpse of some ugly looking fish. I suppose I can say I kind of swum with sharks though! (half a tick on the bucketlist!)

Maria had managed to book us in at Estiatorio Milos at the Cosmopolitan Hotel on the strip for a swanky lunch so we got ready and took a cab to were it all went downhill the night before. No I didn’t do anything ridiculously stupid but as the night before’s antics became clearer I cringed at how silly I probably looked! (Oh well!) We were all seated at the restaurant and was given a set menu that had a good selection of dishes for all tastes. From Lobster to Chicken Skewers we all managed to pick something that we fancied and were served like royalty. The waiters were so attentive and the courses were served in no time. After the huge breakfast that I hardly even ate I didn’t think I could manage a three course meal but there was no way I was letting any of that food go to waste. Oh my it was so good! And yes I know your thinking, but what about the budget?! Well here’s the best part… It cost $20.14 for the entire thing! The restaurant do a special promotion on the lunch menu which we definitely made the most of, some dishes charge a little extra but most are included in the price. If you fancy somewhere a bit posh to eat out but don’t want to break the bank I would definitely recommend Estiatorio Milos, you won’t be disappointed.

Vegas food

After filling our boots (yet again) with some delicious greek cuisine we set on our way to seeing all of the iconic hotels Vegas has to offer. We soon learnt that the heat made this a little bit of an issue because who wants to walk around in 40°c. For anyone that hasn’t been, walking around Vegas feels like you have a hairdryer constantly blowing in your face, it was great for my hair that dried within minutes of being outside but not so great for exerting any energy. To get us out of the heat and for something to do we took refuge in some of the specialised shops on the strip. I had read about the coca cola shop that gave you the chance to try all the different flavoured coke products from around the world so we decided to give it a try. You got 16 different flavours that varied from the normal cherry coke to some disgusting minty coke that apparently the Italians love?! Why I do not know and by the end of sipping 16 different fizzy drinks I was ready to burst.

coca cola vegas

I don’t know whether it was the heat or the over indulgence but everyone was not really feeling like walking around. We were in and out of malls and casinos and it all just got a bit same old by the time we hit New York New York. I genuinely don’t think this has anything with me being under 21, Vegas just became less and less appealing the more I saw of it. I think for it to really have the desired effect you should save the sightseeing till the evening because it has so much more to offer at night, as the sun set and the lights turned on it got busier and more started to happen. Franzi, Maria and I had bought tickets to see Cirque du Soleil at Treasure Island so we had to stay around that area until then. In hindsight we should have booked the earlier evening show as we were all a little bit fed up by the time we had to pick up our tickets.

Our mood soon lifted when we sat down in our awesome seats and the lights came up. I didn’t know what to expect really, I’d seen circus acts and other acrobatic performances before but this was on another level. The acrobats were incredible, the things they did with their bodies should not be humanly possible. It was over the top and kind of cheesy but I would definitely see it again! There was so much going on all around the theatre that my eyes were constantly drifting to the ceiling and to the floor that disappeared into some big trampoline. I think my jaw dropped more than 10 times throughout the performance and I was awestruck by the talent of these people. I’m sure other shows in Vegas are great but for me Cirque du Soleil had the wow factor and was truly magical. You can get tickets here but we got ours on the morning of the show and managed to get seats 5 rows from the front, it might be different depending of the time of year but you can grab yourself a bargain by being brave and hanging on until the day.


After being treated to a spectacle we fought our way through the crowds and decided we’d seen all we needed to see of Vegas, the good the bad and the ugly.

vegas collage


2 thoughts on “The Vegas Experience – Day 2

  1. Hi,

    My friend and I are thinking of doing the Westerner 2 camping trek next year. Are you allowed into casinos in Vegas if you’re under 21? We’ll only be 20 when we go. I don’t drink alcohol so that’s not a problem, but I’m not sure if we would get a bit bored just walking around at night while the others in the group are in a casino/in the limo/etc.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by. Firstly it’s amazing, I was 20 when I did this trip and honestly it didn’t really affect it at all. Your in vegas! You wont be bored there is loads to do that doesn’t involve drinking. Go for a posh meal or watch one of the shows (I recommend cirque de soliel at Treasure Island) You are allowed in the casinos as long as you stick to certain areas and don’t go wandering onto the main floors. I hope you have an amazing time it was the best experience of my life 🙂

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