Final Year of University- The Life Questions

I’ve gotten to that stage now were people are asking me about my future. What are you going to do when you finish? What job do you want? Where are you going to live?


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That’s pretty much how I feel whenever anyone asks any of these questions. I start having a little panic attack inside saying to myself; where am I going to live? How am I going to survive? And oh shit my huge debt that will be my student loan! (and breathe) the truth is I don’t know what the bloody hell I want to do! But I do know one thing, and that is that I’m nowhere near ready to start my ‘adult’ life. From speaking to many other people about this I know a lot of people feel the exact same, so I’ve come to the conclusion (well, nearly) that it’s OK. My life isn’t going to end because really, I don’t know were it’s going to begin.

I think a lot of pressure is put on Graduates before they’ve even finished which is not just unrealistic but unfair. The job market isn’t exactly booming, all of the millions of students around the world aren’t going to jump straight into their chosen career paths, in fact I’d say a hefty percentage wont. Now yes I know it’s very depressing and a little bit pessimistic but I’m a realist and although I like to think I’m the bee’s knees in my chosen field I know there’ll be plenty of other keen, willing to work for pittance students that will all be after that amazing job opportunity (which of course there will only be 1 of.)

Graduation tradition

I am in no way saying this is a bad thing, a year ago I was all up for finishing my degree and heading straight off into the working world, and I’m sure one day I will do exactly that. But with 8 months left of university life it really doesn’t feel like enough time for me to step up and be a grown up. I know what your thinking ‘your going to have to grow up one day’ and yes, yes I am but why does it have to be when I’m 21 and have just finished 18 years of education. (That took me way to long to figure out, maybe I should stay there.) I don’t think it should, I’m not into cheesy epiphanies or the YOLO mentality but having said that I would hate to get to the age of 90 and turn to my great great grand kids and not have amazing stories to tell them about ‘when I was your age.’

The point of this post is to put out there to all of you worry warts (like me) that fretting about what is to come is, at the end of the day, silly. You live your life one day at a time, whether things are planned or not. Plans change, people come and go and your hopefully only at university once in your life so enjoy it! They are- after all- supposed to be the best day’s of your life… It’s gonna be hard work and probably dull at times but who cares, you’ve got the rest of your life to figure things out, why does it have to be now?

Of course for me my answer to everything at the minute is travel, I’ve had itchy feet since I got back from my Roadtrip around the West Coast and now I can’t see any other path but exploring and working away. Not forever but for a while. My perception has changed and my wanderlust is out of control. I have always been driven and have always been happy to work my arse off to get something and that hasn’t changed. I love my degree and I love making videos and I still want to pursue a career in TV but for me I ask myself the question, how am I supposed to tell other people’s stories in an engaging, interesting way when I haven’t got any to tell myself? Or not enough to last me a lifetime of work anyway!

Open Road

The end of uni is nigh, and it’s bloody scary, but likeΒ most things in life, there’s always another option.

How are you feeling about the finishing university? Or have you just finished and still don’t know what to do, share your stories with me I’d love to hear what you think!



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