A day without photos- Sierra Nevada

For reasons I cannot remember my camera didn’t make an appearance on the stop over between Vegas and Yosemite. Therefore this post may not be the most exciting in the visual aspects. I’m the first to admit if there’s something cool to see my camera is out and that’s not to say there wasn’t plenty to see but sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy your surroundings and not document everything you do in pictures…after all words can sometimes portray the story better.

We set off from Vegas after a very comfortable final night in the Golden Nugget, it was so nice to relax on a proper bed but I was looking forward to falling asleep under the comfort of the stars again. It was also good to see Betty again, after a couple of days off I was happy to be cosied up with my Kindle literally watching the world go by. There’s not much that goes on in the Nevada desert (believe it or not)… just road and more road and lots more sand, queue the tumble weed blowing past and the cow boys ye-hawing in the distance and your pretty much in a western movie. I know it’s pointing out the obvious that on a road trip you see a lot of road but I actual enjoyed the driving parts, ok so it wasn’t a highlight but it is definitely something I miss now I’m back in the UK with our ugly motorways.

When your driving for hours it makes you realise how vast America is, we can drive from the north to the south of England in the same amount of time it takes to drive across a tiny stretch of the West Coast. After a quick stop at Walmart gathering all the essentials for the next few nights we arrived in a small town in Sierra Nevada. It was the day before 4th July so the campsite was really busy! It was on the outskirts of a town called Bishop and the town was putting on an early fireworks display to celebrate. (Our second lot of fireworks of the trip, weren’t we spoilt!) We set our chairs up by the side of the road (not the smartest thing to do but oh well!) and enjoyed a beer whilst people whooped and rockets exploded…

It was also the day we all decided to do a bit of laundryΒ (exciting I know) I’d not worn all of my clothes but I wanted some of them to smell fresh again, you also get veryΒ dusty when your surrounded by mud, sand and other grainy things that get in your shoes, hair and under your nails… definitely not glamping!

Again we decided not to set up our tents, it was a really clear night and to be honest I couldn’t be bothered and I don’t think the other guys could either so we played frisbee and I showed the lads how to play football (they were useless!) Us brits know how to play football aye (minus the world cup!) Moving on… I also decided to treat myself to an ice cream from the little shack at the front of the campsite. For anyone interested it was called Brownstown, it was really nice with a little wild west saloon looking section, they served ice cream and fruit pie which both looked amazing, the ice creams were that huge that I didn’t finish it all (crazy american portions!)

After a rather chilled out day everyone decided to hit the hay kinda early as we wanted to get off at the crack of dawn to make the most of our time in Yosemite. Everyone was really looking forward to the days ahead so were happy to get up a little earlier than normal… I know this post is somewhat boring but you need days to recover when travelling long distances (and partying hard in Vegas.) Sierra Nevada was stunning though and the backdrop was well worth stopping by.

My only picture of that day…

Excuse the bug splattered windscreen
Excuse the bug splattered windscreen



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