Moving to University? 10 reasons not to be worried!

Moving to University So you’ve got the grades and sometime over the next month you’ll be moving away from the comfort of your childhood home, your spreading your wings and doing what all adults do at some point in there life and your moving out. It’s a big step thats not to be taken lightly and I know (from being there myself) that it is nerve-racking and stressful and you worry about things that usually wouldn’t faze you. Now I’m not saying that everything will be plain sailing (it mostly will be) but there are going to be things that your goingto have to adjust too, but for now put the worries at bay and remember EVERYONE’S IN THE SAME BOAT! (Really they are!)

Don’t let your anxiety of things totally shade the fact that it’s exciting! Your gaining independence, nobody is going to be there to tell you to get to bed or roll there eyes when you come in drunk at 2am… you can do what you want!

Leading me on to number 2 nicely. FREEDOM! You may not know it yet but the freedom of having your own space is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I love being at home but you realise how nice it is to be able to go home and sit on your bed for hours with nobody disturbing you…

I know I mentioned this before but when your going into your first year believe it or not everybody else on your course is in their first year too (everyone being in the same boat), I know it sounds like I’m teaching you to suck eggs but really your not the only one moving far away from home. There will be people moving half way across the world being away from their parents for the first time to so get to know them, share your concerns and it’s ok to be homesick…

The main thing for me when I moved away was leaving my friends and now I look back I wish I could have shook myself, your friends at home will still be there when you get back and if they aren’t then it’s a good reason to start a fresh and make life long friends at uni. Nobody know’s that you peed yourself in class when you were 10 or that you used to be in the scouts (nothing wrong with the scouts!) so if you don’t want to divulge your life story on to your new (soon to be) best friends then don’t. Getting to know each other takes time and fresher’s really is the time to talk to as many people as you can, if you don’t get a good vibe from someone walk away, your first instinct is usually right.

You get to explore a whole new place. This is the traveller in me talking now but I’ve lived in Manchester for nearly 2 years and I’m still surprised by some of the things I find. From new restaurants to pretty parks, there will be special places in that town or city just like there are in your home town. Go out, walk around and jot down that amazing place you ate that cake that still makes you drool just thinking about it!


Remember, you picked this course, hopefully this is what you want to do as a career so there is a reason you came here, for your future (I should right the Prime Ministers speeches!) However, if you get to uni and aren’t sure within the first month that you chose the right course for you then change course! Do not suffer through first year barely passing when you had that gut instinct from the get go that it wasn’t right for you. There are other options and your union and university life centre should be able to help you.

It gives you a chance to try something new, at college or sixth form or whatever your past education was it made you choose this direction so make the most of it. You picked the course for a reason, keep telling yourself that.

Welcome to adulthood! (kinda) Ok so I’d say as students we aren’t fully-fledged adults but it’s a nice tester for when we really do have to grow up. You have to manage your finances, look after yourself (and yes that means cooking) and do all the stuff your mum usually does for you. I’m not really selling this one, and I guess you could say doing your own washing isn’t the best thing in the world but these life lessons are all part and parcel of it and you soon get used to it.

Technology (as I’m sure it already is) is your best friend in terms of getting in touch with your family back home. With snail mail a thing of the past you can literally Skype or Facetime your parents and see them, it’s as if they’re really in the room (well kinda.) So if you are having a bad day and feel like all you need is a cuddle from your mum (it’s ok to admit it!) you may not be able to get that but just having a normal conversation with your family who know you better than anyone can get you out of your funk.

Finally, enjoy it! You’ll hopefully only do one degree in your lifetime so these 3/4/5 or however many years will be the best days of your life. University is great so make the most of it!




One thought on “Moving to University? 10 reasons not to be worried!

  1. All good tips to remember! There is nothing like university life-I call it suspended time. You’re caught between childhood and adulthood and it is a luxury which I wish all could enjoy. I certainly enjoyed my time in college immensely and am a better person because of it.

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