Yosemite National Park- The most beautiful place IN THE WORLD!

So that title is a little dramatic, but if you’ve checked out my blog recently you will have seen some pictures I took in Yosemite already and I think it would be hard to argue that it doesn’t look stunning.



We drove up to the entrance and a very nice ranger gave us the low down on different parts of the park and let us on our way. All of us on the trek were really excited about seeing Yosemite so we wanted to squeeze in as much as we could in the 2 days we were there. Unfortunately for me I started feeling ill, (oh the perks of being a woman!) I really wanted to see all I could and was gutted I didn’t feel 100% but I was adamant I was going to try everything so decided to do the easier of the two hikes that were offered to us (none of them were particularly difficult) but I didn’t want to push my look.

Maria and I decided we would go to Dog Lake but for some reason my body that day was not playing ball, I was emotional, stupid and very frustrated with myself which really didn’t help when trying to hike up a trail. I look back now and think you silly sausage, I should have just calmed down and gone at my own pace because nobody else would have minded, I think it was just a mix of altitude and putting too much pressure on myself. Anyway, after that hugely embarrassing moment we carried on and made it to Dog Lake. Oh my am I glad we carried on. I don’t really know what I was expecting, I hadn’t seen any pictures on the internet of this place but it is what made me fall in love with Yosemite and we’d only been in the park an hour!


There were a handful of people around the area and it was so peaceful and just utterly picturesque. I could have sat there the entire day just looking up at the mountains and I would have been happy. I can’t put into words how gorgeous it was, and although I took plenty of pictures none of them do it justice. The trail isn’t hard and is mainly flat so anybody can go and see it, the water is crystal clear (if not a bit chilly) and I highly recommend going here if you want a quiet place to read or to just think.

Couple Dog Lake

After being found by Andy (lack of understanding on our part) we hot footed it down back to Betty and went to a quaint little beach for some lunch. Place number 2 that dumbfounded me. Again it was beautiful, we made our lunch and set up our chairs just beside the water and everyone just enjoyed the surroundings of this breathtaking place. I think everyone was a little tired so we all decided to just chill after our lunch and take in the serenity of the place. That will forever be my happy place…


We packed up our lunch and stopped off at the next destination were we got to see the amazing mountains that Yosemite was famous for. We got our first glimpse of Half Dome which some of the others were thinking of hiking up the next day and we saw the famous rock climbing hot spot El Capitan.IMG_4999

I could stay in Yosemite for a week and still not see all that it has to offer, there are so many waterfalls and beaches and quaint little lakes that would take many visits to discover. (A good reason to go back!)

After checking out the awesome view we then went on a short hike to see some of the biggest trees in the world. The sequoia trees in Yosemite are a some of the only ones you can see in the world and oh my they are big!

IMG_5016 When you think of big tree’s you go to your local woods look up and think ‘Yeah they’re pretty tall’ well when you see a sequoia tree you realise how small you are in comparison. They have survived numerous fires including the massive one that hit the papers last year, and this is because of there trunks. Unlike most other trees sequoia’s feel spongey and this is what protects there many layers of bark meaning they can withstand extreme heat. There is a tree in Yosemite that has been hollowed out and really lets you see how giant these things are. It was amazing to see and definitely worth a visit if your heading to Yosemite.


After a fairly busy yet peaceful day we headed back to camp and cooked up an awesome salmon and potato dinner, it was so yummy and just what we needed after a long day walking and exploring. Just one of the many great things about doing this Trek was that our itinerary was never set in stone, we were a small group so when me and Maria wandered off for an extra half an hour it didn’t really matter, I think Trek America has really got small group travel right. Anyway check back for our second day at Yosemite National Park hopefully by the end of the week (depending on internet!)

What do you class as the most beautiful place you have ever been? This was definitely mine…


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