Sorting out my finances…because I messed up

The other day I had a mini breakdown. I looked in my bank account and panicked. I’ve done exactly what I say to people not to do and blew a lot of money on crap I didn’t need. I had that moment of realisation that you push to the back of your mind for as long as possible until you finally realise ‘Oh sh*t!’ and then you try to tell yourself that everything will be alright. Well yes it will, and after an emotional phone call to my mum, I am getting a grip on my money. The annoying thing for me is that I shouldn’t be struggling, in fact I should be the exact opposite of struggling. I am so frustrated with myself that I allowed myself to get in to this position and now I have to sacrifice the things I love doing the most.


I’m attending TBEX this week with a budget that I AM going to stick to, I am going to stay away from the shops and look for all the bargains I can find. Jees I sound like that crazy woman from Confessions of a Shopaholic… I promise I’m not that bad, but I was going against all of the rules I set myself last year as I saved up for my trip. I am a hypocrite, I admit it. In my post 5 money saving tips for travel I point out how you should think of that thing you think you need and compare it to an experience. Well that went out of the window for me, my will power hit a new low and my student loan dwindled down faster than I care to imagine.

So what am I doing about it? It’s ok to sit here and moan about my own stupidity. I am a (newly) 21 year old adult and I’m allowed, in fact I’m kind of expected to be a bit stupid every now and then but that doesn’t mean I haven’t given myself an almighty kick up the backside.

As of today I have made a new key for bills on my calendar to remind me when things are expected to be leaving my account. It’s not going to get me out of the red over night but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. I know your probably rolling your eyes thinking ‘another student who doesn’t know how to look after their money’ well I hold my hands up and admit it, I don’t. But hey ho it may make the world go round but money is not the be all and end all.

My luxury in life is travel, and for now that has to be put on hold. After Athens I wont be making any travel commitments until I am suitably happy with my financial situation. (Very business I know) No I’m not in crippling debt and I’m well aware that there are people out there that are in a much worse position than me but I felt like (after my mini break-down) that I should fess up and share my thoughts with you.

What I need is a healthy dose of will power.

I got the power gif



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