Weekly Photo Challenge- Descending on Athens

Athens Lycabettus


I was looking for a picture in my archives that I thought would really capture the ‘descent’ theme this week. This last year I have climbed a fair few trails and mountains and steps (lots of steps) and various other means of going down (or up something.) I haven’t, however, taken any pictures of going down the many routes I have taken. I guess the view at the top (or the bottom) is usually what you want to get your camera out for, going down is usually something that means it’s finished so why would you want to take a picture of that? Saying that I now wish I had taken the time to document the routes going down, some of them have been fairly interesting this year and as usual I find myself thinking ‘I should have taken a picture of that!’

I know it’s a bit early for new years resolutions but mine this year is to take more pictures, of everything and anything that interest me. I didn’t buy a 32GB memory card to only fill half of it!

The image I have used is from the top of Mount Lycabettus and I took it from a recent trip to Athens. I had the most amazing meal at a gorgeous restaurant where you can see the little church at the top and the walk up and descent down are memories I will never forget.

Check out the other pictures people have posted for the theme of descent here.Β 




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