My ‘Duvet Day’ in Yosemite National Park

Before anything I want to apologise for the lack of Trek America posts on here lately, since I’ve been back at uni I feel like I haven’t had a minute to really organise what I’m doing in any aspect of my life, things keep popping up all over the place and it all got a bit on top of me. You may have seen my ranty post about failing in the finance department recently, so yeah, hopefully I’m getting back on track. The top thing on my Christmas list this year is a diary! I feel much better when things are written down so new years resolution one is to pencil everything in!

Anyway, a while ago I posted the first instalment of my time in Yosemite National Park and this is my follow up from it. (Finally!)

After seeing the amazing hiking trails that were on offer in Yosemite I was really eager to don my hiking boots and hike into the valley. Although I found hiking in the Grand Canyon tough I felt so exhilarated when we had finished. I really wanted to test my limits again and try and conquer one of the easier hikes Yosemite has to offer.

Well this is all well and good when your feeling optimistic and full of energy, but when your feeling tired, hormonal and worn out the last thing your body wants to do is hike all morning. In hindsight I guess it may have made me feel better if I’d have gone and done it but as a lot of you girls (sorry guys) will know when your in one of them moods you just don’t want to do anything. I wasn’t that down and out so I chose a very relaxed, chilled out day.

As we had been so amazed by Dog Lake the day before me and Maria decided to take a wander to the more well known Mirror Lake. The hike was all tarmac and not difficult at all so we got there in no time to see a lovely empty lake… which I didn’t take any pictures of… Around that time of the year a lot of Yosemite dries up, the waterfalls are a mere trickle and the lakes (as we found out) were more of a puddle. Even though we were admittedly a little disappointed we decided we would take the morning to re-charge our batteries surrounded by yet more amazing scenery (which I didn’t take any pictures of again!) silly me. Anyway I had a nice little nap and Maria did some work. It sounds dull and I know your thinking ‘YOUR IN ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES IN THE WORLD, MAKE THE MOST OF IT!’ but the truth is I really needed a day off. I was tired, mardy (if you don’t know what that means it’s northern slang for moody) and not feeling too great.

No this wasn’t the nap spot but it was kinda like this with less water!


The nap and peace and quiet really did me the world of good. I think it’s important sometimes to have a day of relaxing, although travelling is (for me) the most enjoyable experience there is it is also quite tiring. Lots of different things can equate to it but it can just be that your exerting a lot more energy than you usually would in normal day to day life. It’s easy to get carried away with the amazing places you’ll get to see but like when your at home it’s good to have a duvet day every other month (or whenever you feel you need one.)

So my second day in Yosemite was my duvet day, my duvet was the gorgeously warm sun keeping me all snug and toasty and in true lazy Sunday fashion I whipped out my Kindle for the first time on the trek and spent a good hour losing myself in a bad chick flick the Kindle Store had put on for free. We decided to get moving again after being in the same spot for a good 3 hours, the morning had flown by and I felt ready to explore a little bit more of Yosemite.

We took the free bus that goes around Yosemite to the main area and grabbed some (overpriced of course) lunch before walking up to Lower Yosemite Falls. Like I said earlier the water is fairly sparse in the summer but it was still amazing to see, the nature surrounding Yosemite is stunning and everywhere I looked I was amazed by the landscape that surrounded me, I’m sure the waterfall looks amazing when it’s gushing over but you could really see the huge rocks and the scale of it as a rather pathetic stream of water pushed over the edge. If, like me, your not feeling like doing much hiking the Lower Yosemite sight is a must-see for everyone, it’s easily accessible and you still get to see something amazing.

Yosemite falls collage

After finally taking some pictures of the waterfall we headed over to the Yosemite Valley Visitors CenterΒ where you could read about the history of Yosemite and the people that lived there. It was fab and really interactive so if your going with younger kids they’ll have plenty to keep them occupied. We found out about all of the amazing wildlife and rock formations that were in the park and the amazing Ansel Adams who was one of the first people to photograph Yosemite. He has his own museum just next to the visitors center and it’s well worth a visit even if your not a photography enthusiast. I found it amazing that in the snow he carried up his (extremely heavy) equipment to get some of the most iconic pictures of Yosemite ever to be taken. They are all in black and white and capture the amazing serenity of the park, when I own a house that will be above my fire place…


After a very slow and informative day we met back up with the rest of the guys to eat some pizza and head up to Glacier Point for sunset. You can hike up to Glacier point but we drove and it took us a good hour so the hike must take a while! The view though is something else… You get a beautiful panoramic view over half dome and truly appreciate the depths of the valley. I was brave and sat on the edge whilst watching the sun bounce off of half dome… the colours were amazing and I can honestly say that sunset is going to take a lot to beat… (Queue lots of pictures)






We drove back to the campsite all mesmerised by the enchanting sunset and had an early night in preparation for the drive to The City by the Bay…next stop San Francisco!



2 thoughts on “My ‘Duvet Day’ in Yosemite National Park

  1. What happened to the rest of the blog???? i was loving reading about your trek i’m going on the BLT one next year

    1. Heyy sorry I’ve been really busy with uni, and got a little side tracked. I will finish them though! I had the craziest time in San Francisco so need to get it in a blog post!

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