A Travellers Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas just a month away I thought I would share some gift ideas for the avid traveller. So whether you know someone who enjoys globetrotting or you need some gift inspiration for your christmas list hopefully there’ll be something for you! They aren’t all necessarily for people on the road there’s world related gifts to keep your wanderlust ticking over.



1. Go Pro – from £200

If you want to splash out on that special someone this year I don’t think there’s a better present than a Go Pro. There’s a few different editions out now so you can alter which one you get by what you can afford. The big one though is the newest edition to the range which is the Hero 4 Black edition, it’s 4K video and high frame rate ensure the quality of video will be nothing like you’ve seen before. Check out some of the videos here and they are bound to make you want to go out and explore.

2. Snazzy Headphones from £140.00

I love the rose gold detail of these headphones, they make them look so stylish. They’re perfect for travelling because they fold up into a little case that can fit neatly into a carry on. I hate being without my music so for me there’s nothing better than sitting on a plane and closing yourself off from the world for a few hours…

3. ONA Camera Bag from £250.00

Ever since I saw this type of bag on a World of Wanderlust post I’ve been having serious bag envy. These ONA bags are an investment, if you have pricey camera equipment your going to want to protect it so these purposely built camera bags are perfect for travellers who are also keen photographers. I also think they’re fab because of how discreet they are, they don’t look like a camera bag which is sometimes a problem in itself. In certain countries you don’t want to be flashing around your camera so this messenger bag is ideal. There is more selection on the actual website but I’m not sure how the international shipping works!

4. Kindle from £59.00

I was anti-Kindle for a while but the practicalities of carrying around 10 books on a trip is just, well, not very practical. I read really fast and love nothing more than zoning out for a couple of hours whether I’m in an airport or on a train. Kindle’s are light weight and the charge on them lasts ages. There a few different models that are out now but, like phones, the more gizmos and apps you’ve got on them the quicker the battery will go down. My advice is get an older version with less features and the battery will last a lot longer.



5. World Map Watch – £20.00

I got one of these for my 21st birthday and for someone who loves to travel but doesn’t always get the chance to it’s a great and stylish gift. So many people have asked me where it’s from so I thought you fellow travellers would appreciate it too. It takes a while to ship it so if you want it for christmas get ordering now!

6. Airport Tag Pillow– £18.00

This is more for a traveller who is living in the same place (like me) at the minute. When you’ve got an actual home to go to its nice to make it feel as comfortable as possible, these cute airport tag pillows would look great on any couch or bed. You can choose from a variety of destinations so if you know of a persons dream destination your sure to be able to find it in the collection.

7. GorillaPod £15.99

I have been looking at getting a GorillaPod for ages as I’m always looking at getting good shots whilst on the road. For me carrying a TriPod around is just too much of a pain so I usually just go without. The Gorilla Pod attaches to almost anything, you can wrap it around tree’s or just set it up on the side. For anyone travelling solo, it’s a classier version of a selfie stick.

8. USB Charger £13.99

I got one of these a while ago and it is ideal for charging all of my gadgets. You will be everyone’s best friend in hostels, airports and on trains (or anywhere with a plug.) It saves you having to carry around multiple plugs for gadgets that can be charged by USB.


Great stocking fillers…


9. Travel Wallet – £8.00

In my first ever post on this blog I posted about my Reddit Christmas present from a secret santa. I received a travel wallet which later turned out to be a very handy addition to my carry on bag. All important documents can stay in there in one place with different compartments for all your stuff. There’s some swanky ones in paper chase or if you want a more practical looking one you can find them on Amazon.

10. Suncream/ lip balm £3.00-7.00

Ok so although very practical this tiny tube should be on ever skiers packing list. They are a handy addition for them cold but warm climates were chapped lips are unfortunately bound to happen.

11. A basket full of travel essentials

My mum last year had a great idea of filling a toiletries bag full of all the things I hate spending money on before trips. So for something a bit different (and very practical) fill a bag with all the essentials travellers will need on their next trip. So earplugs, a TSA recognised lock, plug adaptors, diarrhea tablets, bug spray, dry shampoo, blister plasters and a guide book to their next destination. I loved having all these little things that I knew I was going to use, it was a cheap(ish) way of giving a great, thoughtful present.

I hope this has given you some ideas to send away for Santa, I really think there’s something to suit every pocket on this list. What gifts are you hoping for this Christmas?



4 thoughts on “A Travellers Christmas Gift Guide

    1. My travel wallet has saved my bacon countless times… I’m not the most organised person so knowing it’s all in there saves me rummaging around 3 different bags!

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