Why it’s OK to be ‘uncool’ at school

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It’s funny how things work out sometimes, you’re doing nothing and people moan and then when you start doing something people moan too. It sometimes feels like you can’t, and will never please everyone, and this used to really bother me. I guess in some ways it still does (hence why I’m writing this post.) I have always been pretty sociable, I like to chat to new people and ask lots of questions so that when I come away from a conversation I genuinely feel like I’ve gained a new friend or perspective or whatever it is you got from that specific conversation. They aren’t all going to be good but at least you’ve learnt something…right?

Something that’s taken me a while to learn is that no matter what you do someone is always gonna want to shoot you down, whether it be jealousy or for popularity there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t enjoy seeing you do well. Which is fine, I get it, it’s hard to see other people succeeding when your still lacking in whatever aspect in life it is your lacking in. I know now that it wasn’t because I was doing things people disliked or didn’t approve of it was because I wasn’t a cool kid, and I’ve finally accepted the fact that I never will be a cool kid. 

At school I had a lot of friends, I guess you could say I was the uncoolest kid in the cool kid group. I fit in but was always the nerdiest one in my friendship group. I liked doing well in school, and if I really want to blow my own trumpet I did do well, I liked going to choir and earning my own money and doing all the things that cool kids didn’t (or shouldn’t) really do. As friends came and went and hobbies dwindled off I was always doing things just because at the time thats what I wanted to do. I guess you could say that’s why I decided I want to travel. 

Now I’m coming to the end of my degree I’m finally comfortable in saying I’m happy to be the person most people will remember but will never have really known. I’ve met some great people and made some great memories but because I am a fairly closed book I was never and will never be known as the cool kid. It sounds kinda sad when you read it like this but it’s really not, it’s OK to be doing something different and it’s OK to think that doing something a bit different is OK. There are loads of people out there travelling and there are loads of people blogging about travelling and I am not saying it’s different in the grander scale of things. It is however, different in my world, people take the piss and people don’t get it and that’s fine. Because I do. 

My post’s lately have been a little reflective and sorry for the change in pace! I promise to get back to more travel related stories soon, I guess this time of year is all about looking back and I’m taking it a bit too literally.

Happy Travels!



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