My Instagram 2014 Round-up!

I’m feeling a little reflective this week so thought I’d take a look back at one heck of a great year through my posts on Instagram. I’m setting a few New Years Resolutions this year which I briefly mentioned in my Travel Plans for 2015 post. I really want to take better photos, and more of them! Although I’m a firm believer in enjoying whats in front of you I still love looking back at my pictures and reminiscing on all the great things I did and saw.

To say I took a few photos this year is a bit of an understatement hence why I have 4 collages of Instagram pictures! I love Instagram and really think it’s a great creative tool for everyone out there but I want to start being more consistent on there. My pictures show not just my travels but what I get up to throughout the year, it surprised me when I put this together because I always play down my life. I tend to fob it off as not doing anything particularly interesting but to be fair I’ve done a fair bit this year. Obviously I only post what I class as interesting pictures but my album from this year has 154 pictures, not too shabby! 

Anyway without further ado here are a few of my favourites, I think it’s clear I finally jumped on the selfie band-waggon as they appear more and more throughout the year! Next I’ll be getting a selfie stick!

Instagram collage 1

Food and pretty sunsets, its safe to say summer was on it’s way!

Instagram collage 2

 Mostly pictures from my Trek America trip- Yep I had an amazing time!

Instagram collage 3

 Going back to uni and a fair few train journeys to see my best friend in London!

instagram collage 4Hitting Athens for TBEX 2014 and fluffy hats on means one thing only…Winter is Coming!

It’s so nice to be able to look back on a great year with fond memories and a big smile. I love technology! If your on Instagram let me know in the comments and I’ll check out what you’ve been up to too. Hopefully next year I’ll be as spoilt for choice with more great adventures and memories.

Happy New Year!

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