Travel bloggers you should check out!

There are so many travel bloggers out there it’s sometimes hard to search your way through Google to find the ones you actually enjoy reading. This year I have spent a hell of a lot of time reading hundreds of posts from guides to tips to inspirational stories so I thought I’d share with you some of the awesome blogs I check out on a regular basis.

Maria at Travelling Buzz

maria travelling buzz

Maria is a Bulgarian travel blogger who I had the pleasure of meeting at TBEX in Athens last year. We shared a hostel dorm together and managed to kind of find our way around the city. There’s something about meeting someone who loves the same things you do that just makes you click. We had a great few days together and after getting back to normality her blog was instantly added to my favourites bar. She travels whilst working a full-time job and sharing with the world ways to maximise your holidays whilst still working a 9-5. Mainly covering Europe it’s her Bulgarian Travel Guide post that is my favourite, you can tell that her passion for her home country is genuine and she really wants people to visit Bulgaria. She definitely sold me anyway!

Mel atΒ If You Wanna Go Just Go

mel if you wanna go

I’ve mentioned Mel’s blog in my Travel Plans for 2015 post as she was my inspiration for wanting to apply for Camp California this summer. As you can probably tell I love her blog! She is a UK born blogger who is ‘working her way around the world.’ She has done seasonal work on skiing resorts, camps and farming in Australia, she basically is living the dream. Her posts are so inspirational and well written that every time I read a new one I think, hey I could do that! She writes about her ups and downs as she travels around beautiful places and doesn’t hold back on the nitty gritty. I love her honest approach to everything and her ‘Crewing My Ship‘ post about finding the right people to travel with had meΒ wanting to be there with her!

Kate at This Could Lead To Anywhere

kate thiscouldlead

Now someone I would class as a friend Kate is another northern UK based travel blogger that I met at TBEX. We connected over our hangovers and nodded off in the Keynotes which is when I knew she was my kinda girl. After very informally swapping business cards I soon logged on to her site and saw what an experienced traveller she is. She’s been to so many places that are on my bucket list I find myself searching through her blog every time I think of a new place. She hopes to inspire people to open their eyes to different cultures and learn about other places in the world which she does with informative and interesting posts. Talking about Facing Her Fears in Central America she explains how travel pushed her to experience things she never thought she would, a very inspiring lady indeed.

Ed at Rexy Edventures


Residing from my neighbouring (rival) city of Hull Ed’s blog is well established and well-loved amongst it’s many readers. He has been all over the place and shared some of his hilarious adventures over his many years travelling. His honest, reflective and informative posts really take you around the places he has visited and make you want to book that flight then and there. His arrogant yet charming approach to blogging is enduring and although I may roll my eyes every time he mentions how good looking he is I still carry on reading. His recent trip to CroatiaΒ has given me so many ideas for my trip later this year that I have a bookmark folder dedicated to it. I probably shouldn’t put that ’cause his head wont get through the door!

Jmayel + Sancha at 8 miles from home


I was recently introduced to 8 miles from home whilst chatting to some bloggers over Twitter. I was saying how much I wanted to get into creating travel videos and they told me how good Jmayel and Sancha’s videos were. Living in the north of Thailand the two brits travel with their adorable dog Eden and create awesome cinematic travel videos along the way. Their production value is insane and as a fellow (kinda) videographer I have HUGE respect for their work. I love their A Day In the Life Playlist on Youtube showing us how beautiful Thailand is. I honestly thought they were american at first because, I’m gonna be honest, it is kind of cheesy, but you soon get used to their style and embrace the dramatic lens flares.

Clare at Live A Life Of Travels

clare live a life of travels

Last but not least is Clare from Live a Life of Travels. She is a kiwi travelling luxuriously around the globe. Although not high maintenance she enjoys the finer things in life and writes about her adventures along the way. A real girly girl I love her whole outlook on life, she doesn’t mind laughing at herself and tells the not so glamorous side of travelling as well, from allowing herself to have all the food she wants to getting mugged in Barcelona she leaves no story untold. A blog for the ladies and perfect for a little travel inspiration.

Well there you have it! I read a tonne of blogs so these are just a few of my faves. I may do a part 2 if you guys are interested. Make sure you check them out and let them know I sent you!

Who are your favourite travel bloggers? Let me know in the comments, I love discovering new blogs!


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