The Camp Experience- Nina at Camp Kennybrook

Nina is a third year student at Salford University (like me!) and did her summer camp experience last year at Camp Kennybrook in the state of New York. She loved it that much that she’s decided to go back this summer so check out what made her experience so great and what advice she would give to people like me going on their first camp experience this summer.

1. What made you decide to go to camp?

I decided to go to camp because I love choreographing and teaching dance. I also wanted to get away from England for the summer and do something alone and out of my comfort zone. I also watched Parent Trap and Camp Rock as a kid and have always wanted to work somewhere that is relaxed and fun filled environment where you can be yourself and no one will judge you.nina camp pic 1

2. Give us a run down of what a normal day was like for you in camp.

Every day was pretty much the same – you get up to the sound of trumpets at 7.55am with a voiceover that fills camp with a cheery ‘Goooood Morning Camp Kennybrook’. Meal times are always fun and there is never a quiet moment. Everyone talks none stop about the days activities. The activities we got up to were; dancing (obviously the best), rock climbing, banana boating, gymnastics, cheerleading, basketball and many more. Then on an evening you would get together with all of girl side and do more fun games and make up dances, bunk songs and have smores around the camp fire.

3. What did you take from the camp experience?

The camp experience is like no other. You meet people for the first time and two months later they are your closest friends. You get to look after the kids and make their summer the best summer they could wish for. At the end of camp when it is all over and they don’t want to leave it makes it all real. You look back and realise the impact you made. I would never change my time at Camp!

4. If there was one memory you could relive from camp what would it be?
The one memory I would relive would be when I was given the role of second lieutenant at Colour War (A massive activity that lasts 5 days – the camp splits in to two and you compete to see who is the strongest). It was my first year at camp and I wouldn’t have imagined to get such a big role. I had to choreograph a 10 minute dance piece with the boys and girls – we ended up winning and the gold team won Colour War. It was amazing and a great way to finish camp.

nina camp pic 2

5. What do you miss most about camp?

I miss being care free and not worrying what anyone thinks of me. The first night at camp I had to dance in front of 60 strangers. At home I would never do anything like that but in this comfortable and fun environment I didn’t care. Camp definitely made me a more confident and understanding person. I also miss waking up to the kids singing Let it Go at the top of their voices and having fun everyday for 24 hours! I also miss the travelling after Camp – that was the best 3 weeks of my life. I travelled down the East Coast with the friends I had made at camp. I documented my time on camera:

6. What advice would you give to someone going to camp for their first time?

Have fun. Make the most of every experience. Travel. Be a kid again – it’s the only place acceptable to do so. And most importantly be yourself!

nina camp 3


Nina did her camp experience with Camp America. Check them out here.


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