Thoughts Of The Week – Being a Stressed Out Student and a Blogger Award!

I’m going to start a new weekly (maybe fortnightly) post on my thoughts of the week. It’s going to be kind of like a favourites post but more a collection of my thoughts on things that have sparked my interest or just made me think about something in particular. I know it’s a bit random and not really travel related (although lots of it will be) but my favourite posts to read from other bloggers are mostly just them chatting about things that they care about, so here goes.

I am coming to the end of my degree at the moment and things are getting STRESSFUL to say the least. As I am studying TV Production my course is really practical based (which is why I picked it.) I am not an exam sitting kinda girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love my course and I think I’m doing OK in it but when you know the last days are looming you get that cloud of anxiety creeping in every now and then whether your as prepared as you can be or you just don’t have a clue what your doing. I would say I’m in the middle of the spectrum, somewhere close to panicky but not downing 10 cans of red bull a day. (Yet.)

Instagram Screen Shot My Trip This Year
My view most days at the minute

The thing is we aren’t just finishing uni, we are stepping into (official) adulthood, all The Life Questions keep getting asked (on a daily basis) and people question you and your choices regularly. I get it, people care or are just being plain nosey and I should have a valid answer for all of these questions but it’s also ok that I don’t. I have a plan up until September (Croatia) and then I’m going to be another unsure graduate. I really don’t like the thought of doing nothing so yes I have contingency plans. In an ideal world I would be doing what I love and travelling and filming and doing all of that cool stuff that I dream about but I’m a realist (and a pessimist) and I know that’s not going to happen. However things are looking OK but I’m trying not to think about too much stuff all at once, especially when I have uni work that must come first.

Update two is for Croatia, I have booked the flights going out and something that I am really looking forward to is that my parents are coming along as well.

My Trip This Year Family photo

It’s been a few years since we actually went on holiday together so it’ll be really nice to chill out for a few days on the coast before I set off for my super action packed summer. We have plans to go to the beautiful Krka National park which is just an hour away from where I will be based and I really can’t wait to see it and swim in the crystal lakes. Although I have been really busy with uni work it’s been fun to dip in and out of plans for the few days we’ll be in Croatia. They’re staying for a couple of extra days after me so I asked the host at our Air BnB for suggestions on were they can explore around that part of the coastline. That’s another thing, I have officially booked my first Air BnB experience. I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time but always chickened out and booked into a hostel but I can’t wait to see what the fuss is about and tell you all about it.

Something that I’ve been meaning to put in a blog post (but just keep forgetting) is that I uploaded my first ever travel video a while back of my time in Budapest. After being in Athens for TBEX I had said that I would get into making travel videos, it makes sense to put my two passions together… Anyway if you fancy looking at what we got up to you can check it out.

I am pretty pleased with it but know now I will need to spend more time on these videos if I want them to be anywhere near the standard I am after. Lots of checking shots and telling people to wait will have to happen in Croatia. Oh and I’m also going to invest in a GoPro. I’m not sure which one but I really want the GoPro Hero 4, my loans just come in so it may have to be a case of treating myself.

Last but not least is some pretty exciting news that again I’ve been meaning to post about. I have been nominated for the DFDS Seaways Newcomer Blogger award (bit of a mouthful I know!)

DFDS blogger award I was told a while back and I have been posting a little bit about it on my social media channels but just haven’t had the chance to put it on here. I am so chuffed and a little bit honoured that I was chosen as my blog is just a place for me to babble about stuff I enjoy doing, I’m still such a small blog and some of the ones I’m up against are experts in my eyes. I don’t like plugging this sort of thing but if you can spare a minute of your time I would really love it if you would vote for me (or any of the other lovely ladies as they’re fab too!) If I win I get a mini cruise to Amsterdam which would be amazing as I’ve never been! You can vote here! 

That’s about it for this week, my life mainly consists of spending time on Final Cut Pro and writing a media theory essay hence why my blog has taken a back seat at the minute. Hope your all busy planning your summer and have lots of fun travel plans coming up! Do let me know in the comments so I can get travel envy…

Safe Travels!


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