Travel Bloggers You Should Check Out! (Part 2)

A while ago I did a post about my favourite travel bloggers of the moment and it seemed to go down well so I thought I would do a newer addition. I have really been loving watching travel videos at the minute so this list maybe slightly weighted towards vloggers but that doesn’t mean I still don’t love reading about amazing travel adventures ’cause I do! Anyway here are my top 5 this month…

Aly from Psycho Traveller

Aly Psycho Traveller

I have been following Aly’s Australian adventure for a while now so it made sense to have her top my list. She’s an English girl who has just finished her two year working holiday visa in Australia.  She has done it all and I’m not even exaggerating. From living on an outback farm to serving sausages in the city. This girl is an expert on all things expat in Australia, her Q+A videos are great as she answers some really simple but important questions on life in Oz. As someone who is seriously looking at moving out there for a while her videos are invaluable. Not only is she a little bit crazy but her stripped back approach to vlogging makes her so likeable and hilarious that I literally could watch her for hours (in a none creepy way of course.)

Kristen from Hopscotch the Globe

Kristen Hopscotch the Globe blog post

Kristen is a Canadian travel vlogger who has been to more countries than I think I could name. Her quirky videos are charming yet interesting and I really feel like I have learnt something after watching one. Like a lot of youtubers she does a monthly favourites video but hers is focussed on travel. She has some great tips that you can genuinely trust and her videos always look so slick. Her big grin and hippy attitude really make you want to visit all the amazing places she shows you through her channel. Her video on Guatemala really had me reaching for my passport, I mean wow that place looked stunning!

John and Heather from Roaming Around the World

John and Heather Roaming around the World

I met this lovely couple last year in Athens and we bonded over being new bloggers that didn’t really have a clue what we were doing. Their blog is hilarious and interesting whilst still being practical. They give great advice and insight into what they get up to and how they manage to do it, I love their go with the flow attitude and their post on the 20 worst travel experiences of the year properly made me giggle! (Sorry guys I’m sure it wasn’t fun for you!) They recently hit New Zealand so I can’t wait to hear what they get up to there!

Hannah from Eat Sleep Breathe Travel 

Hannah Eat Sleep Breathe Travel

Hannah literally took a leap of faith when she first started travelling and has never looked back. Everyone has their own ‘travel story’ but Hannahs makes me smile everytime I read it, she seems a very unlikely female solo traveller on paper but then you hear her stories and she’s got such guts and determination you question whether it’s the same girl. (I’m sure it is ;)) All her posts are so inspirational to female travellers and I love how her passion shows in all of her posts. My favourite has to be The Importance of Taking Risks, she got together with some other bloggers and told their stories on why they think it’s important, you can tell she works hard on her blog and I love a hard worker!

A group of boys – High On Life

High On Life Travel Bloggers

All I get from their videos is that they get drunk, explore and sometimes hurt themselves as they wander around the world having the most AMAZING time! I’m warning you now that you will get a serious case of wanderlust watching these guys’ videos. They capture stunning moments in amazing quality that really make you want to hop on a plane and join them. Their energy is infectious and after watching their Top 10 Things To Do In Croatia video I’m set for an awesome time this summer so thanks boys!

Who are your favourite Travel Bloggers of the moment? Do let me know I’m always looking for new blogs to have a nosey at!



3 thoughts on “Travel Bloggers You Should Check Out! (Part 2)

  1. Aw thanks so much for the inclusion! I feel special 🙂 and I promise I am the same person- just a super clumsy accident prone one 😉

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