Thoughts of the week- Leaving University and Being Unorganised!

Packing up my uni room for the last time is not something I’ve been particularly looking forward to. Every year I’ve known that all the stuff I’ve packed into labeled boxes will be coming back with me in 3 months time but this time it all feels very final.

It still hasn’t really hit me yet that I will never be back in my uni house where memories (good and bad) were made and everyone will be moving on to the next chapter of their lives. Everyone always said to me that third year will fly by and as I remember the crazy party we had on new years eve I can’t quite believe that it was 5 months ago.

new year

How does time go by that quickly?

It’s funny really, when your bored and sat twiddling your thumbs days seem to drag and you wish more than anything for it to be over but when your life is full and busy it’s hard to keep up with the days between Monday and Sunday. This end of an era is bittersweet as I am more than happy that I will never have to write a theoretical essay again but not so happy that I have to start acting like an adult all of the time. No more getting away with sleeping in till noon and eating out whenever I fancy it, in ways it’s exciting but then reality swings and hits you in the face and you remember that you have to think about council tax and credit cards. Bleh… no thanks.

In other news I don’t feel at all prepared for my summer in Croatia. It’s silly really because there’s not much else I need to organise but unlike regular holidays this one seems to have crept up on me all of a sudden even though I’ve known about it for a good few months. I haven’t read a million articles on Croatia, or bought a guide book or even done a trial packing run… This is a big deal for me. A friend of mine is going inter-railing tomorrow and he isn’t even packed yet. My control freakness set in and then I realised I need to get my shit together. That is my aim for this coming week, I’m back home so after stuffing my face with deliciously greasy fish and chips I’ll sit down (probably with my mum) and sort out my summer. Double (and triple) check that I have everything and then I wont be as panicky. I know all will be fine but I have a huge fear of the unknown and my summer is a bit up in the air for me. Hopefully it’ll all work itself out!

What are you guys doing over summer? Any plans that you haven’t really planned yet? Do let me know in the comments!




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