My First Impressions of Croatia

First Impressions of Croatia Pinterest

I landed in Croatia a couple of days ago and thought (seen as though I’ll be here for a while) that I’d tell you what my initial reaction to the country was. Obviously I landed in Zadar and have only seen a very small part of Croatia soo my opinion is based primarily on that.

The flight got in pretty late so we had to find our hire car in the dark and then find our Air BnB in the dark.

All good, we were prepared.

We had printed out directions from Google Maps and thought we’d find it no problem… Yeah, it didn’t really happen that way. We stopped at a petrol station and brought a proper map of Zadar and I asked the very pleasant Croatian gentleman to point us in the right direction. He was lovely and very helpful… good start Croatia.

As I mentioned, we were staying at an Air BnB just outside of the centre and the host had phoned my mum to tell us that his mum would be waiting on the corner for us. When we got there she waved us down the drive with a huge smile on her face (even though it was 11 at night) and welcomed us with a huge bowl of fresh cherries from their garden.

Bowl of Cherries She barely spoke a word of english and we were communicating through smiles and points. It didn’t matter, she was friendly, warm and was giving us a bed for the night.

The next day we woke up fairly early and was brought some fig liqueur that the hosts parents had made themselves. It was 7am and I for one wasn’t aware that alcohol was a normal breakfast tipple, but when in Rome right? We shared a little shot with the hosts dad who again spoke very little english but made every effort to make us feel comfortable (probably why he was trying to get us drunk!) He showed my mum around the allotments in the back where they grow all of their own fruit and veg and was fixing up a bike so we could take them around Zadar for the morning. They were genuinely lovely people and if anyone is ever in Zadar let me know and I’ll pass on their details.

bike in Croatia

We hopped gracefully on our bikes (which the hosts happily let us borrow) and made our way into the centre. It wasn’t very far and we soon found our way in. I was surprised by how clean and quiet it was. For a city centre anyway. I also noticed how little I worried about personal safety, obviously I wasn’t wandering around with my money wafting around but I didn’t feel the need to constantly keep an eye out and a hand on my bag, not like in Rome or Athens. I just felt safe and was happy to wander around taking in the sites.

It really is a gorgeous place with friendly people and a view that takes your breathe away.

We drove down to Sibenik on the second day and found exactly the same thing there. People are kind and happy to help if they can. It isn’t over run with tourists (yet) so it still has a very authentic feel about it (both Zadar and Sibenik.) After seeing my first Croatian sunset I think it’s safe to say I’ve fell in love with Croatia already and I can’t wait to spend the summer here.

Croatian Sunset Selfie

Have you ever been to Croatia? What were your first impressions?



4 thoughts on “My First Impressions of Croatia

  1. Love your blog! Was it easy to hire and drive in croatia? I’m planning to do it this year, but a bit scared! Was it easy to get out of Zadar Airport and onto the main road into town? I think I’ll be flying into Zadar too. Which company did you hire through? Sorry for all the questions! Regards, Anna

    1. Thanks Anna! It was really easy to hire and drive around Croatia, the roads are mostly fine and I had no problem navigating my way around. We actually got lost on our way to our first Air BnB but we bought a proper map and found it in the end. So I’d advise that being your first purchase. I can’t remember what company it was but I’ll find out. I’m gonna do a whole post on our roadtrip so that might be helpful for you. Have a great trip, Croatia is the best! x

      1. Thanks so much for your prompt reply! I’m so scared becaus I’m Australian and we drive the wrong way, but I’m sure I can get used to it. Would love to read your post about the road trip, I’ll follow you and keep an eye out. Cheers!

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