8 Travel Quotes That Will Feed Your Wanderlust

I quite like quotes, especially travel quotes. If I ever come across one that I like I’ll always bookmark it because I know one day I’ll need a little bit of inspiration. Yes it’s a bit wet and gushy but am I bothered? Not really. We all need a good pick me up every now and then so if any of these spur you on to travel or even contemplate going on an adventure they’ve done the trick!


Above all watch with glittering eyes roald dahl quote


If we were meant to stay in one place quote

I love the feeling of being anonymous quote


Anytime I feel lost i pull out a map quote

the biggest adventure quote

Oscar Wilde one day your life quote

If it scares you quote

Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone travel quote


And there we have it! I’ve enjoyed making these very pinterest worthy pictures so please let me know which one is your favourite! Also what is your favourite quote ? It doesn’t have to be travel related obviously! Let me know in the comments.

Safe Travels,



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