My Summer at Camp California in Croatia- My First Week

Over the last three months I’ve been a little busy, as you may know I started work at a summer camp in Croatia at the beginning of June. I flew out a few days early and explored a small part of the Dalmatia cost with my parents. We had a great couple of days in Zadar and Krka National Park and I already knew I was going to love living in Croatia.


Roadtrip in Croatia

It feels weird reminiscing on camp as although it was only 10 weeks of my life I feel like I have lived and known the people that were there for a lifetime. I had heard about the “camp bubble” before I left and me (being cynical) thought “nooo that wont be me”, I like to think of myself as a realist after all. I was one of the first to arrive in camp and was greeted by smiley faces and american accents. My initial thoughts were, yep your definitely at a CHILDRENS SUMMER CAMP, scream and run the other way. I had chosen to do camp for a new experience, I wanted to meet new people and try something different. After just finishing university I felt I needed a break and really didn’t want to get into the 9-5 way of living. It was a culture shock that took me completely out of my comfort zone. The sleepless nights I had leading up to camp had filled me with dread and uncertainty as I really did not know what to expect. All obviously silly and totally unnecessary.

As more and more counsellors arrived I got settled into my cabin for the week and got chatting to people from every corner of the globe. There were a lot of people from the UK but by the end of day one I had spoken to people from America, South America, Eastern Europe and Australia. It was surreal to say the least. We got stuck in to some ‘name games’ and I tried my hardest to remember 43 strangers names, I knew it would take me a while.


As we were eased into camp life I slowly adapted to the routine that obviously came with a summer camp. We played games, did activities that I hadn’t even heard of and sang camp songs. Yep me singing and holding hands, what had I turned into? Anyway, it was fun and kinda refreshing. None of these people knew me, I didn’t need to be hard on the outside, I could be a fool because everyone else was being a fool and it felt SO good to let my hair down.

As staff week drew to an end I had a bunch of new friends and was really looking forward to getting to know the kids and being around people from all over the world.

Camp California Staff Croatia

We were based in Pakostane which is half an hour from Zadar, it’s a beautiful little coastal town that has the clearest water I have ever seen. Although it was salty I kept reminding myself that jumping into the crystal clear waters was going to be a part of my everyday routine for the next 10 weeks. Hard life ay! We were only a week in yet I already wanted to try so many new things and had a smile on my face all day everyday (even at 7am!)

I’ll try my best to catch you up with all my goings on at camp but I’m currently enjoying my post camp travels. Right now I’m in a war hostel in Sarajevo… Check out my Instagram for some pictures of that, obviously a post will come soon!

Safe Travels!





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