Making a “Living List”

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Since moving to Leeds I’ve been killing time by reading a lot. I’m notorious for getting through books at lightning speed (I read the last Harry Potter book in 3 days) because if it’s good I can’t put it down. Recently I read Love, Lies and Lemon Cake by Sue Watson. I guess now is a good time to admit that my book taste is somewhat gushy. I like reading chick flicks with happy endings and cute stories… yeh I know it’s a bit surprising considering I’m a bit of cynic (heartless cow)… maybe that’s why. I blame Mulan, she gave me a false sense of security in men…

Anyway, in Sue’s book, which is kind of about not settling for what you think you deserve, the main character Faye, has a lot of changes going on. I’m not going to ruin it incase anyone fancies having a read themselves but Faye made a “living list,” she wrote down all of the things she wanted to do in her life. I guess it is basically a bucketlist but without the direct link to a thing. Yeah, there could be bungee jumping on it but it’s more likely going to be something that gives you a sense of fulfillment (mentally), for example, on Faye’s list she had ‘watch a Santorini sunset’ and ‘learn how to Ice Skate.’ I like the idea of it being a living list rather than a  bucketlist that you just tick off as if you are in competition to do all of these things just because.

I like lists, I like order and at the minute with me feeling a bit lost and in limbo between work and travel I thought I would write down my own living list. Yeh ok, it’s a bit airy fairy but even us heartless cow’s like a bit of emotion every now and then. I’m also terrible for thinking way ahead into the future, always thinking years in advance rather than dealing with what’s happening next week. I guess I’m hoping by writing down a genuine list of things I want to achieve that it gives me something to focus on without it being at the front of my mind all of the time.

Here’s my list…

  1. Live in 3 different countries (actually live)
  2. Cut hair off for charity
  3. Publish a book
  4. Sit on a boat and watch an Australian sunset
  5. Be able to run 1000m without wanting to cry
  6. Drive a car on every continent
  7. Sleep under the stars by myself
  8. Get good at Yoga
  9. Get married on a beach
  10. Live on an island that has less than 1000 people occupying it

I’m sure this will get added to over time and as I get older my priorities are sure to change but right now I think this is all feasible. Definitely not anytime soon (mum calm down no beach weddings just yet) but I like having things to daydream about whilst I’m looking out my bedroom window at the dreary sky. I think we are told too often that daydreamers are dopey and unrealistic but for me it’s about wanting to actually do something with my days and although I don’t feel fulfilled right now, hopefully when I’m sat on that boat in the Australian ocean, I will.

What would be on your list? If you write your own living list let me know! I would love to read them as I’m sure Sue Watson would too!


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