Travelling in Style as a Curvy Woman

I like to travel and I’m a size 14/16. I sometimes find it daunting going into a shop anywhere in the world and looking at all of the skimpy bikinis on offer that I know may just cover my nipple. Not really the look I’m going for. 

I’ve made some fashion faux pas whilst travelling and I’m sure I will make more but I like to think I have it down to an almost fine art when it comes to packing for my bootylicious body. 


There are a couple of rules I like to stick to when packing for hot climates.

If you don’t feel comfortable in it at home you wont feel comfortable in it when your away.

Your body isn’t going to miraculously change when you step on that plane. Unfortunately the air con that has sucked all of the moisture out of your body wont do the same to your curves. I have done it so many times, I look in the mirror in my bedroom and say, when I’m on a beach in *insert country here* it will look better. No. It wont. TAKE IT BACK!

Baggy is better

Now, I’m not saying hide your curves, embrace them ladies. But, sun = sticky. There is nothing worse than feeling like all of your lumps and bumps are sticking out in that skimpy crop top that sticks to you in all of the right places when there isn’t 92% humidity, but it’s just not working here. My advice is get a low(ish) cut baggy t-shirt, it still shows your assets whilst giving you the freedom to move around comfortably.

Swimsuits are OK!

I recently read a post on Hannah Gale’s blog about her troubles with finding a swimsuit which sort of inspired this bit… In recent years the taboo around swimsuits has got better but not that long ago swimsuits were modelled by a 50 year old, fabulous, ageing woman that wants to hide her belly that has popped out 5 kids. As a 22 year old that isn’t an issue for me. The issue is I want to cover my belly just because I’m not a massive fan of it. Luckily ASOS and M&S now have a great range of swimsuits that are fashionable and sensible… Yes! There is such a thing. 

Bikini’s are OK too! 

Waterfalls Big Boobs

This is definitely a mind over matter thing but as mentioned above I don’t particularly like my belly, now you can tell me how I look fine and try and convince me otherwise but that’s just how I feel. That’s not saying we (as curvy women) shouldn’t wear bikini’s. I’ve tried on so many that I’ve thought I look gross in but I’ve also found the odd one (usually from M&S) that I feel secure and confident in. If (like me) you are blessed/cursed with big boobs this has to be the most important thing. Bandeau bikinis are just not going to work for us (unless you want your boobs in your socks) STEP AWAY FROM THE STRAPLESS BIKINIS. Find a good pair of bottoms that cover your muffin top, this way everything is tucked away nicely. (I am aware that sounds really gross but hopefully you all know what I’m getting at by ‘tucked away.’)

Cover up’s are your best friend

If you’re having a fat day when your away but it’s too hot to wear your comfy jeans and a jumper, a beach cover up is the next best thing. They are stretchy, comfortable and easy to chuck on. I find Primark, Asda and Tesco have the best range for basic cover up’s that are usually pretty cheap. Then, when your fat day has passed, you can rock out in your denim shorts again. 

Just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean you should wear it 

Crop tops and high neck t-shirts are NEVER going to suit me. I have accepted this and even though I may still go into New Look and try on that cute belly showing number it’s going to look awful. There may be exceptions to the rule but don’t buy something just because it’s on the front page of Vogue. Travelling is about experiencing amazing things and going on an adventure, you can look fierce in a plain white T coupled with a cracking tan. 

I feel like I kind of sound like my mum in this post but I really do think it’s important that all women are represented in the travelling world. I’m not body shaming skinny girls or telling curvy girls to hide away I’m simply saying that from my experience these little wardrobe tips have worked.

It’s so important to feel confident when travelling so embrace your curves, dress fashionably but comfortably and hopefully you wont have to worry about your lumps and bumps when your cliff jumping in Ecuador.

Any curvy women out there?! What are your best travel tips? 



19 thoughts on “Travelling in Style as a Curvy Woman

  1. There are people who love thick women and there are those that don’t. Spend less time worrying about those that don’t and continue to think of those of us who do because the numbers are in your favor whether you believe it or not. If you make your way to Mexico, you should look us up! 😉 Enjoy life while you have it!

  2. rock it, girl! this was a super empowering piece and honestly, as travellers we should always be proud and supportive of each other and achievements. honestly, shame on anyone that makes you feel less than your beautiful self.

    i’m totally with you on bagging, there’s nothing worse than be basking in your own sweat. i actually have a multi-purpose towel/cover-up that i take during travels. one thing i’m trying to do is learn to travel light… >.< haha.. and i'm with you on the "trendy", i actually wear what makes me comfortable 🙂

    1. Multi purpose anything is always a god send! I will definitely have to look out for one of them… I’m still not good at travelling light so don’t beat yourself up! I will always take that extra tshirt that wont get worn… Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it 🙂 x

  3. Rock on! I think everyone should feel as comfortable as possible when traveling — then the whole experience is more enjoyable! 🙂

  4. Hey Leasha, great post! 🙂 I like curvey woman and I like travelling in style 😀 haha. It’s a fantastic and honest post which will help all the women out there who may feel insecure about this topic. Keep up the good work 🙂

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