My Summer Camp Must Haves


Camp California in Croatia Summer Camp

Moving to a different country for the summer can be a little daunting. And by little I mean you’ll probably want to cry within the first few days and run home to mummy. It is terrifying and exciting and all of the other emotions that sometimes make you want to shit a brick…

After going through the emotions myself last year there’s a few things that I think you defo should take with you that may not be on the standard camp packing list.

Homey stuff

Decorating your home for the summer is possibly one of the best things you can do to make it feel like a home. Pretty obvious really. Setting yourself up with a pillow case, a couple of pictures or even a daft teddy (yes even 22 year olds have teddies) can make the strange hut you’ve just had to drag all your belongings into look a little bit more friendly.

A torch

Stubbing your toe at 2 o’clock in the morning when your bladder has decided it no longer likes you is possibly the most annoying thing on the planet. You know when you get so frustrated you want to cry but you’ll look stupid. This will be one of them moments, something small like this one from amazon needs to make it into your luggage, like now. BRING YOUR TORCH!

A journal

Kind of hypocritical of me really considering I didn’t do this last year but I so wish I did. Hindsight is a great thing… There will be so many memories that you make that, because of the unfortunate thing called selective memory, or old age, or just that your brain isn’t big enough to store all of them amazing new memories in, you will most definitely forget stuff. Even if you jot bullet points down at the end of the day to remind yourself of that time that you sat on a kayak and tipped your new pals sunglasses into the bottom of the sea. Not ideal at the time but at least you can chuckle to yourself later. SOZ ASH!

Camp California Croatia packing guide


Something that makes you stand out

This can be a t-shirt, something to put in your hair, a towel with a weird pattern on it. Anything that kids will remember you by. Put yourself in their shoes… meeting literally a hundred new people in a day is going to be weird enough so having something they can associate with you is bound to make them remember you a little better… and trust me, it’s good to be the counsellor kids remember. Hopefully they will be nice to you and not be little devil children…


When your feeling stressed or homesick taking yourself away from your surroundings for 20 minutes is the best therapy a girl can ask for. Get a good pair of headphones that block out life for a bit. And don’t forget to download a couple of playlists before you head out. Wifi and camps do not come hand in hand. 

A sense of humour and a big ‘ol grin

Be happy and embrace being a kid again. Us brits don’t do well with being daft and stepping out of our comfort zones. Camp is such a short time out of our lives so you need to grab everything by the balls and have fun! I am literally the most unlikely person ever to enjoy the environment of a summer camp. The odd’s are stacked against me in terms of clashing with my personality, my lifestyle and just me being a bit of a miserable cow. Camp changes me, I want peace and love and I sure as hell am going to tie dye every single white t-shirt I own. ‘Cause why the F not?!

Now, who wants to hold hands and sing kumbayah with me?

Anything you think I should add to my list for the summer? Let me know in the comments! 



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