The 5 Bikinis All Girls With Big Boobs Need This Summer

As mentioned in my Travelling in Style as a Curvy Woman post, buying bikinis is not easy if you have big boobs. Saying that, companies are FINALLY starting to take note and are making bikinis for us young women with a well-endowed front area. Can I get a hallelujah?! 

Boobs, fun bags, knockers, and according to urban dictionary jublees. Really, jublees? Whatever you want to call them… they aren’t easy to control at the best of times but when your in a hot climate it’s even worse cause you kinda have to get ’em out. Just like any other sized woman we want to be able to wear a swimming costume (full piece or not) and feel comfortable, sexy and most importantly, secure. After much deliberation and many hours trying on multiple different bikinis, here are my top 5 from this summer season that I think you will love!

New Look Fuller Bust Tropical Print £12.99

New Look bikini blogger review


I love this range from New Look, I’m used to paying £20+ for bikini tops so I was pleasantly surprised when they brought out this super affordable range. The straps aren’t massively thick so don’t hold up if your doing any major jumping around but for a gentle bay watch run you should be good to go.

ASOS Fuller Bust Baroque Tile Print Halter £18.00

ASOS Fuller Bust Bikini Blogger

Recently I have finally succumbed to online shopping, I’ve not quite got to Rebecca Bloomwood level yet, (all my Confessions of a Shopaholic fans give me a wave) but I have done most of my summer clothes shopping online. I can’t believe what I’ve been missing! Anywho. This bikini is so so so gorgeous. I love the print and although it’s rather gapey in the front it’s great for a poolside bikini that looks uber fashionable. Not keen on the bottoms I must say… tan lines ladies! (Unfortunately I’m not the model… I like cake too much.)

Pour Moi Aloha Range £25.00  £12.00

Pour Moi Aloha plus size bikini blogger

This is currently on sale on the Pour Moi website so now is a good time to buy it! I love Pour Moi as a brand, they do great bikinis for all shapes, sizes and age and the pattern on this is so pretty. The bottoms to it are also great and you can choose from high wasted or briefs. I just wish I was heading to a Hawaiian beach to really do it justice… maybe one day.

M&S Moroc Print Underwired Bikini Top £22.50

mands bikini blogger review

M&S is my go-to place for bikinis for the summer and has been for the last few years. I know they will be great quality, stylish and some what affordable. I have had a few over the years, many of which I still have now and they have lasted through ridiculously salty water, climbing up waterfalls, jumping off bridges and swimming pools with enough chlorine in to kill a small animal. Definitely check out their range but this one is my favourite, I don’t usually go for balconette bras but this is so well structured on the inside that I feel comfortable in it. Again, good bottoms!

Cleo Swim by Panache £32.00 (ish)

Cleo bikini pineapple blogger

The one pictured is from last years range. I got it on sale from Secret Sales a while ago but love it so much I wanted to put it on this list. There is a similar style from this years range called the Blaire which has the same straps and cup shape so I’d say that it is this years equivalent. It is so comfy and I really feel like my boobs aren’t going anywhere in it. A good choice if, like me, your hitting the water this summer. In my case over and over again when I fall off of the windsurf…

There’ll be plenty of pictures popping up on my Instagram so you can see some of these on my not so bikini ready body, so head on over and give me a cheeky follow.

What bikinis are your favourite from this summers selection? Any brands that I’m missing out on? Let me know in the comments! I am not apposed to adding to my growing collection!

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4 thoughts on “The 5 Bikinis All Girls With Big Boobs Need This Summer

    1. Haha nightmare! Hopefully some of these will be more suitable if your in the uk definitely hit up m&s if not asos have great choice 🙂

    1. It seem’s we need to start our own club! Have an amazing time, I’ve heard its lovely 🙂 You too! Thanks for stopping by my blog x

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